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Wyoming: After a Pit Bull attacked and bit off her nose, little girl gets miracle surgery to create a new one

WYOMING -- Based on the lack of discussion about the Pit Bull in all of the postings and comments, this makes me think it was the family's dog. 

Usually people are asking, "Whose dog was it?" "Did the police take it?" "Are charges being filed?" With this case, there's no mention of it at all. 

On their YouCaring fundraising page, the little girl's father actually went so far in his Facebook post as to tell readers - people they're asking money from - to "keep your comments to yourself about the dog. It was an accident and is being taken care of"

Yep. Pretty much confirmed - it was their Pit Bull. Or another family member's Pit Bull. Why else would they be so defensive about anyone daring to give their opinion about Pit Bulls??

That being said, prayers for this little girl who ended up being the victim of delusional, in-denial adults. I hope she recovers completely with a beautiful new nose. Modern medicine can do amazing things.


Mike Montoya posted on Facebook March 27, 2018 ·

And we are finally done! She did such a wonderful job.

As most of you know this step consisted of providing cartilage to her nose. Her nose shape did not change too much for this step.

They decided to take a piece if her rib from her left side and than a piece from her ear. They also kind of chiseled around her nostrils making actual holes in her nose now! They also took the plastic piece from the top of her head off as it was starting to have a funky smell.

We will be taking care of that wound without the plastic piece now. It looks fantastic. We are scheduled to come back in one week and than again in 3 to 4 weeks. Thanks for all the continued prayers.

It's an amazing procedure and they do a wonderful job and keep us updated in such stressful times. Couldn't ask for a better place to be.

Sha'ron Shay Montoya posted on Facebook ·
I am asking that your church please pray for my granddaughter addie montoya she had her face bitten off by a pit bull she underwent another surgery yesterday to try a rebuild her nose and will have to have more surgery every three weeks or so for a year she is only 4 pray for a healing also please share and pray for a financial blessing there is a you caring account to help with medical cost



Mike Montoya posted on Facebook August 19, 2017 ·
I can not thank everyone enough for the prayers and good vibes that we have had. This little girl has always had god by her side through life and everyone's prayers are working! Please continue them.

Addie is doing great. She can not do things on her own right now. They have her pretty sedated and she will be for at least the next 5 days. She has a machine helping her breathe and eat in the mean time. The doctors attached HER nose!!!!.... But.... We will not know for a few days if the process worked. Basically just waiting for this little leach to be our best friends and help her get correct blood supply pumping and leaving the nose. YES I said leach. It is still new to us all! Doctors included.

A split second and their daughter's life was changed forever

Mike Montoya posted on Facebook August 19, 2017 ·
UPDATE: Things have went slightly downhill. But we are still optimistic and hopeful!! Addie has received a blood transfusion as she is losing too much. The leaches are not latching to her nose anymore like they were before. We figured maybe its because the blood flow is not not good. And we were right. The Dr poked her nose a few times with a needle. And before blood would gush... Now absolutely no blood will come out... Which means the blood is not flowing correctly.

She is a fighter and we will remain upbeat as she once pulled out a miracle we know she's capable of another!

Mike Montoya posted on Facebook August 20, 2017 ·
UPDATE: 8-20-17 9:45AM
We can not express how much we appreciate the prayers that have been sent to our little girl and our family. UNFORTUNATELY they CANT save her little nose. She has had no blood flow in almost 24 hours. We will be meeting with a surgeon soon to discuss alternative surgery and actions. In the meantime they will bring her back! She will be heavily medicated to ease the pain and be sleepy but we will be able to see her open her gorgeous eyes! There's a silver lining!
So please please keep sending prayers and good vibes as this is ALL we need right now!

Mike Montoya posted on Facebook August 25, 2017 ·
UPDATE: 5:30 pm AUG. 25
Miss addie absolutely HATED the hyperbaric chamber! She wanted nothing to do with the cool submarine. And! Wanted nothing to do with the cool astronaut hat. 😂 but she took it like a champ anyway and was awesome! She got her tubes in last night and than at 9am this morning we went to another hospital. (First time outside in one week; she loved it!) And she spent about 1.5 hours in the chamber. Doc says if she came to the chamber sooner he thinks he could have saved most of her perfect nose.... But that wasn't the case.... So now we will do the chamber M-F at 1:00 and save as much as we can at this point. They are very optimistic about the bridge of her nose mostly surviving. As for her nostrils they are already dead :( as you can clearly see in the pic below what is dark black has not survived.

So she gets a break for the weekend. No one bothering her except for she has to wear an oxygen mask at all times now. Not because her oxygen is low but because the oxygen will once again help the infected area. So! Please keep her in your thoughts and send good vibes. We love you all very much and appreciate the love and support back.

Mike Montoya posted on Facebook August 26, 2017 ·
UPDATE: 9:40am AUG 26
Holy mother truck you guys!!
Can you see the difference between the second and third picture!! Her nose already is showing a huge difference in not even 24 hours of the hyperbaric chamber treatment! Woohoo
First and second picture is how fast it died in just a few days. :(
But lets hope this new treatment does the job!

Mike Montoya posted on Facebook September 5, 2017 ·
This beautiful gem just got out of surgery and it went great. They were actually able to save quite a bit of the tissue from her nose. So we decided to change plans a bit and wait it out. We will be able to go home FRIDAY and let it heal for 3 weeks before we have to come back for surgery. In the meantime she will continue the hyperbaric treatments. If the tissue does not collapse during this time they will just reconstruct some nostrils for her and go from there. If the tissue does end up collapsing than our alternative would be the prosthesis as its a less process than the other options.

Mike Montoya posted on Facebook February 12, 2018 ·
This precious gem gets a haircut tomorrow and has surgery on March 6th! She is super excited to pick the shape of her nose, it will be beyond perfect!


Mike Montoya posted on Facebook March 6, 2018 ·
PLEASE: Remember this is a process. After today's surgery her nose isn't going to look exactly like a nose. This is just the first step, with several more to come in a short period of time.

This Beauty has just one more hour to wait before she goes into surgery for her new Nose! Woo-hoo. Such an exciting but nerve wrecking day. Can't wait to see results.

Mike Montoya posted on Facebook March 15, 2018 ·
Here is an update on Miss Addie. 👑She is doing magnificent.
She hasn't been in any pain for the past few days. We have her next surgery on the 27th!

Mike Montoya posted on Facebook March 26, 2018 ·
 This Beauty has her next surgery Tuesday morning. We are headed for Denver tomorrow. Let's pray for the absolute best as always.   
BTW she still loves her furry friends!

New York: Grandmother mauled in Bronx pit bull attack speaks out

EASTCHESTER, THE BRONX, NEW YORK -- The woman who was seriously injured in a vicious pit bull attack in the Bronx is speaking out about the harrowing ordeal exclusively to Eyewitness News.

Althea Woodson, who goes by Lisa, was watching her two young grandchildren at the Eastchester Gardens apartments when the large dog somehow got loose and pounced.


The 57-year-old suffered serious injuries to her hand and face, even losing part of her ear. She is now recovering at home.

"I have a gash, a gash here, a gash here," she said. "See where all the blood is?"

The physical pain is hard enough, but what truly overwhelms her is the the terror she felt as her grandkids played on a jungle gym and the dog lunged their way.


"I'm yelling at my grandkids, 'Don't come down, don't come, don't come down, don't come down,'" she said. "And then I see the dog again. It came back around me, and it lunged at my face. So I kicked it."

Eyewitness News obtained video of Woodson screaming on the bench after that dog grabbed her by the head and dragged her away

"And it just kept coming and coming," she said. "And it won't go. It won't go nowhere, and it hurt so bad."


It wasn't until a stranger started beating the unleashed dog with a stick that it let her go.

Authorities say it was living in the Eastchester Gardens Houses, a NYCHA project where pit bulls are prohibited. But residents say they are all over the place.

City Council member Andy King said if the housing authority can't follow its own rules, maybe it should ban pets altogether.


In the meantime, Woodson's son is just happy she -- and the children -- are OK.

"You could call her a hero right now, because there were other kids in the park also," Walter Woodson said. "If that big dog attacked other kids, you know, it's..."

As he ponders what could have happened, the Animal Care Center of NYC has taken custody of the dog. Its owner, 23-year-old Shannon Ingram, has been charged with two counts of reckless endangerment.

"I don't know," Lisa Woodson said. "He tried to hurt my grandchildren, and I had to stop him. I had to."

Eastchester Gardens is a NYCHA housing development, and residents are allowed to have pets. However, some, including pit bulls are not always on a leash. NYCHA policy specifically prohibits certain dog species, including Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. In addition. dogs must always be kept on a leash while in a public area, and pets are not allowed to enter pet-free zones, including playgrounds, which is where this dog attack occurred.

NYCHA released the following statement: "We are saddened to hear of this incident and will be looking into this immediately. While our policy welcomes residents to have pets as part of their family, there are restrictions in our policy and we expect pets to not endanger fellow residents."

Residents say they have complained about the Pit Bulls.

(ABC7NY - March 29, 2018)

California: Police say Nathan Flores tortured, choked and tried to drown a puppy

CALIFORNIA -- City of Madera Police Department posted on Facebook March 21, 2018 ·

This evening officers arrested Nathan Flores for animal cruelty.

Flores found a dog in the Fresno River, abandoned. Flores was later seen by neighbors choking the little puppy and holding the puppy under running water from a faucet. The puppy was having trouble breathing as it was trying to cry. 

We were able to save the puppy and dry him from the cold water. 

Flores was transported and booked into MCDOC and the dog was placed in the animal shelter. If anyone would like to adopt this beautiful little puppy feel free to contact the animal shelter for information. The phone number to the animal shelter is 559-675-7891. SB3372

City of Madera Police Department shared a post. March 21 at 6:19pm ·


We have received numerous requests from people wishing to adopt the puppy that was terribly mistreated by Nathan Flores last night.

The owners of the puppy have come forward and reported the puppy was stolen from the porch of their residence.

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and those of you that inquired about adopting the puppy. We hope the remainder of his puppy life is spent being pampered and spoiled! AK3902

Iowa: "Pit Bulls get a bad rap" woman complains - while telling us her husband was attacked by a Pit Bull

IOWA -- Janice Paraniuk Zumbrunnen posted on Facebook March 15, 2018 ·

So Joe gets bit by a Pit Bull yesterday that was running loose and it broke his skin and bled. It wasn't bad thank goodness but Joe found the owner and told him what happened.

His response? What do you want me to do about it????

Joe demanded a rabies certificate at this point and the guy said he doesn't have one to show him and didn't want to hear anymore about it. The cops had to get involved so that Joe's SIMPLE request of producing a rabies certificate could be done. The cops knew the guy and got the info for Joe and again, thank goodness, the dog had a rabies shot so Joe was happy about that.

This could of course happen with any breed of dog and everyone knows how much we love dogs but are sick of irresponsible owners like this. This is also a big reason Pit Bulls get a bad rap because of owners like this that should not have a dog period let alone a Pit Bull!

Note: She also says she and her husband are refusing to press charges against the Pit Bull owner so authorities can't do anything - such as putting legal restrictions on the dog or taking it from the owner.

United Kingdom: Girl attacked by Pit Bull while playing at the park

UNITED KINGDOM -- Rachel Power posted on Facebook March 18, 2018 ·

I ain't got nothing again people having what ever dogs the want but if they wanna keep a vicious dog it should be kept in and not left roam the streets and into childerns parks Brooke was attacked by a pit bull on Friday in the park.... the owner is just as bad as the dog but u will be found !!!! fucking joke is what it is.. .

Lorraine Ní Hallacháin - Fuck sake that’s not on! They have cameras there the cops should post pics of the dog and someone will recognise it. Luckily it wasn’t the childs head, hope she’s ok 😞

Rachel Power - was down there yesterday there going looking at cameras ... it would of been a lot worse only a man at the park with his own kids lifted Brooke up shook the dog off her.

California: "I'm a bit traumatized after watching a horrific attack of a small dog by a pit bull. The small dog didn't have a chance"

CALIFORNIA -- Bruce Valentine posted on Facebook March 18, 2018 ·

OK....I'm a bit traumatized after watching a horrific attack of a small dog by a pit bull. The small dog didn't have a chance and now it's gone.

You can't enter the dog world and not have contact with pit bulls, who along with chihuahuas are the most common dog mix/breed adopted from shelters.

Can pit bull owners understand the real fears of those who don't own pits, having them around their pets?

Tennessee: "My little Maltese was attacked yesterday by a pit bull"

TENNESSEE -- Boo Brewer posted on Facebook March 21, 2018 Knoxville ·

My little Maltese was attacked yesterday by a pit bull! He's in very bad shape but by the grace of God He's gonna make it.

Icy had wondered off with another dog and was gone all day. We never gave up on searching for him. We went from door to door and finally was told by a friend he had seen him with the other dog.

The owners of pit bull had him in a tote ready to take him to Young-Williams. They had wrap bandages around his neck to keep from bleeding to death.

They really did try to help him and even though their dog attacked Icy, they showed so much concern to help him. The pit was protecting his turf.

I could be angry but I'm not just blessed we found him and he's safe at home now.

He's has to return to Vet Friday to check for infection and put staples in his neck. He was so swollen that Vet wanted to wait and treat with pain and antibiotics.

Washington: Pit Bulls attack each other, then attack both of their owners before one dog is finally shot by police

WASHINGTON -- Shortly after 9:00 this morning, Yakima Police officers responded to the 1200 block of Roosevelt Avenue, in reference to a report of a domestic violence incident.

The first arriving officer was immediately attacked by a pit bull dog. The officer responded by shooting the dog twice. The dog did survive and City of Yakima Animal control officers took custody of the dog.

A subsequent investigation revealed that this particular dog had initially broken through its fence to attack a neighboring pit bull. The owners of the dogs attempted to separate them and were both attacked with one of the owners transported to a local hospital.

The other pit bull was not immediately located. City of Yakima Animal Control officers will be responsible for any enforcement action in this case.

The investigation revealed that the reported domestic violence issue was actually the owners in the process of separating the two fighting pit bulls.

(KNDO/KNDU - March 19, 2018)

Friday, March 30, 2018

South Carolina: Labrador mix rescued after she was seen limping and dragging a leg-hold trap on her crushed foot

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- An online video of a dog being rescued after her foot was crushed in a metal coyote trap has gone viral.

The video shot by California animal rescuers Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte, with Hope For Paws, was posted March 20 on YouTube and Facebook.

In less than a week, it was watched nearly 548,000 times on YouTube and shared more than 4,500 times on Facebook.

Someone in Gaston in Lexington County called Hagar and told him that the black Labrador Retriever mix had lived in a forest for about a year before she stepped on a metal foot-hold spring trap intended for a coyote.

Steel-jaw spring traps are legal in South Carolina and several other states.


Animal control officers had been trying unsuccessfully for five days to trap or catch the dog, which was clearly in severe pain, so someone called Hope for Paws for help.

Hagar and Frankonyte flew in from California and searched along with officers for a full day. They thought the dog might be afraid of the officers, so they asked to search alone on the second day.

They set a humane trap for the dog, but she avoided it. She had no human contact for a year, so she would not allow anyone to get near her, but even from a distance, it was clear the heavy trap she was dragging had crushed her right front paw.


Finally, when they got close enough to the dog, Frankonyte sat on the ground and tossed pieces of cheeseburger to her, talking reassuringly for more than two hours as the dog inched closer. But suddenly the dog got spooked and retreated into the woods.

Hagar had several soccer nets that he used in captures in California shipped to him overnight. They recruited volunteers who helped spread out the nets around an area where the dog had been spotted between some trees and a building. The volunteers then closed in on the dog, cornering her so that Hagar could snap her with a noose.

They rushed the dog to a Lexington County animal hospital.

The dog was anesthetized, and the rusty trap was pried off her foot. While she was at the animal hospital. It was also discovered that she had heartworm.

Hagar and Frankonyte stayed another day to be sure the dog which they named Hermione, was medically stable, before making the three-day drive across the country. They stopped each day to have a veterinarian change the bandages. Hagar said that every day, Hermione would lose more bone from her decaying foot.


They took Hermione to Dr. Robert Olds, a veterinary surgeon in West Los Angeles, who performed two reconstructive surgeries on her foot.

The healing took a couple of months, but when the bandages came off, Hermione began to immediately to walk and even trot around on her reconstructed paw while continuously wagging her tail.

She was treated for several months for heartworms, but Hagar announced last week that Hermione is completely healthy and ready to be adopted.

Hagar asked those who saw the video and who follow him online to encourage changing laws to outlaw metal spring traps.

According to analysis by the Law Library of Congress, more than 100 countries worldwide ban steel-jaw traps.

The United States is not one of them.

Their use is banned or restricted in several U.S. states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Washington.

In South Carolina, steel-jaw foot-hold or leg-hold traps can be used without a license, with the only stipulation being that traps must be checked at least once daily, from two hours before sunrise to two hours after sunset.


(WYFF - March 26, 2018)