Saturday, February 4, 2017

Iowa: Lindsey Morrow was running a no-kill non-profit animal rescue. Police say it was a death camp for dogs. Morrow has been charged with multiple crimes

IOWA -- The photos are difficult to look at it.

They show the bodies of dogs found in various stages of decay, in and around kennels covered in feces; the collars were still on the remains.

Warren County authorities found the remains of at least two dogs on the property of a home on Iowa Street in Sandyville, near Indianola.


Tina Petraline said she walked into the rented house of a woman who asked to be a volunteer for her dog organization and found the dogs’ remains.

“I went to get some kennels, but I asked the lady while I was there if I can take some pictures while I was there, just to get in to the rescue community what was going on,” Petraline said.


Petraline said that of the 18 to 20 kennels left behind, two of the kennels had carcasses and leashes still attached and that all of the kennels were full of feces.

“She was operating a rescue without a license,” Petraline said. “Shelters were sending her animals; a lot of southern states were sending her animals.”

Petraline said the woman also collected money to keep the dogs healthy, then neglected them.

“She collected $3,000 for one of the dogs and we found him dead in one of the kennels,” Petraline said.

Some of the dogs were found in a garage Thursday, others, including 1 deceased, were found inside another residence, and the remaining dogs were found inside a camper that was attached to a truck, according to ARL officials.


The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) met Sheriff's deputies on the property on Wednesday night. The Warren County Attorney's office says a deputy was first sent to the home on January 27.

The ARL said one of the dogs that was found inside the camper had been severely injured by some of the other dogs and was near-death when ARL and Warren County officials arrived. The dog was rushed to the nearest Veterinarian where they began steps to save its life.


Among the living dogs, many have visible urine and feces stains on their fur and sores due to their living conditions.

An ARL groomer spent 4 hours removing nearly 5 lbs. of matting from a small dog that was removed from one of the properties. Many of the dogs are underweight.


"I didn't know two doors down was doing anything like that," said neighbor Jacob Willson. He and other neighbors say they had no idea about the neglected dogs and they are disturbed by the images that have been released by ARL.

"Why would you let it starve? I mean, if it was sick or something...if there was anything wrong with the dog, that it couldn't survive if you will, the humane thing is to put him down," said Willson.

"I mean yes, there are medical procedures and things like that, but put it out of its misery you know, don`t just let it waste away to nothing," he said.

Neighbors identify the person who was living in the house as Lindsey Morrow (also seen spelled on news sites as Lindsay Morrow) ... seen here in this photo.

The man who runs Phillips Auto Salvage, a junkyard across the street from where the deceased dogs were found, also owns the home where the remains were found.

He declined to go on camera, but did confirm that he has been renting the house out to Morrow.


"We've offered that if the Warren County Sheriff's office would like to have the animals' body sent for necropsy, that we would be happy to cover that cost," said ARL Spokesperson Stephanie Filer. 

"We hope that, anticipate that they'll take advantage of that, whether it`s under our cost or theirs, but that's really the only way to determine from an evidentiary standpoint how the animals died," said Filer.


The Warren County Attorney's office is considering animal neglect and animal torture charges in this case. So far, there have not been any arrests made. -- correction, she has been charged (see below)


On one fundraising page, she lists the EIN number for the rescue (81-1247572). The first two numbers "81" means that the non-profit was registered online. However, I cannot locate the matching number. Did she just make this random number up? Or was it a mistake how she typed it? I could only find this one instance of it even being listed. I even did searches for the rescue's name in Iowa, non-profits that have had status revoked, etc. and nothing came back as a match. I would think that even if the non-profit status was revoked or voluntarily shut down, there should be something to be found about it.

The sites I checked for their non-profit registration were:

IRS official site (this one has three separate searches)
"Our boy Tyson is recovering well but does still have a long road to recovery. We will start posting receipts within the next couple of days and will continue to update his progress on my Facebook page as well as Bully Breed Miracle Networking and Rescue. To minimize confusion please retain our EIN for your records. 81-1247572. Thank you so very much!" - Posted by Lindsey Morrow
A GoFundMe page Lindsey had set up for a pit bull named Tyson is currently set at closed after raising more than $3,000 so there isn't any details on this main page. However, if you look at Google's cached version, you'll see all the details plus Lindsey's comments about the EIN. 


Tina Alexandra Petraline added 15 new photos.
February 1 at 5:18pm ·
If you are easily disturbed or squeamish you will want to pass this post right on by. As many of you know Lindsey Morrow of Bully Breed Miracle Networking and I do not see eye to eye. She has been attacking me and my rescue for years now, nothing she has said has ever been founded. Her "rescue" was closed down a few months ago when the state caught onto her operating without a license. She had been collecting donations and taking in dogs from other states and operating as a rescue, website and all. She even had a 501c3.

Today a woman from another rescue showed me a post about her. She had been evicted and what she left behind is like something straight out of a horror film. I just left there and am in shock.

The following are photos of the original post, and her house where I went with permission of the home owner to get some of the kennels they were going to throw away. Needless to say we did not bring any kennels home with us. How someone could let something get that bad I will never know. And dead animals in cages starving to death and then left like that for God only knows how long? There are no words....anyway here are the photos. The point of this post is to make people aware that she has dogs still with her, and if you gave her a dog you may want to check on it......

Jessica Pardekooper added 15 new photos — with Amy Lewis and 41 others.
February 1 at 10:42pm · West Des Moines, IA ·
Update!!!! Lindsey Morrow has been reportedly taken into custody and is currently at the Warren County jailhouse and will undergo psychiatric testing!

Update !!! Some of the missing dogs have been found!!!


WARNING GRAPHIC PICTURES OF A DEFUNCT RESCUE!!! THE WORST IS TOWARD THE END OF THE PHOTOS !!! Do not look if u can't stand death in the most miserable of ways! LINDSEY MORROW IM LOOKING FOR YOU!!! YOU ABANDONED THESE DOGS TO STARVE IN THEIR KENNELS! ACCEPTING DONATIONS TOWARDS A SURGERY THAT CLEARLY AND SADLY NEVER HAPPENED! FRAUD! These dogs starved to death in a 36 inch by 24 inch boxes in a basement that looks like the entry way to the pits of hell....the public entrusted these dogs to you because they sought help.....NOT DEATH!! FOR SHAME! If anyone knows the whereabouts of this lady the sheriff has plenty of questions for her and her "rescue"!

Update: Lindsey Morrow, director for a "no-kill" rescue group called “Bully Breed Miracle Network and Rescue”, has been charged with multiple crimes, including animal cruelty. 

Per the Warren County Attorney's Office, "The Warren County Sheriff's Office has filed the following charges against Lindsay Morrow:

  • Ongoing Criminal Conduct, a Class B Felony
  • Theft in the 2nd Degree, a Class D Felony
  • Fraudulent Practice in the 2nd Degree, a Class D Felony
  • Five counts of Animal Torture, "Aggravated" Misdemeanors
  • Five counts of Animal Neglect, "Serious" Misdemeanors
  • Seventeen counts of Animal Neglect, "Simple" Misdemeanors

This is why Animal Cruelty is not taken seriously and rarely is anyone ever really sent to prison even though news reports always tell us that the person is facing "up to four years in jail", etc. Just about everyone gets probation b/c these crimes against animals are usually seen as no more serious than shoplifting a pair of shoes from Walmart. Notice that the animal cruelty charges are the least serious of all the charges? The felony charges are related to her taking donations and misappropriating money in regards to her non-profit status with the IRS. 

She is in more trouble over the money than by slowly starving these poor animals to death. 


The Animal Rescue League of Iowa has been working overtime to care for the surviving dogs. Click HERE if would like to donate to them. Also, they've been providing updates and photos of the dogs. You can follow this story on their Facebook page HERE.

(WHOTV - Feb 2, 2017)


  1. Thanks again for the service you do on this blog! I consider this a "must read" to stay up to speed on current affairs about animal abuse. Vets, Legislators, Public officials all should read just one day a week of this blog. It opens your eyes to the problem.

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  2. I am with an AZ rescue, Who can we contact to help get animals to safety? Awful situation, thank you for bringing it to light and ensuring justice for those in her "care" very disturbing!!

    1. They are all at Animal Rescue League of Iowa as stated in article.

    2. I see the Animal Rescue League of Iowa has all the remaining living dogs they could find and is now asking for donations. Question: How could they not know about this HUGE neighboring operation? How can we trust their ability to manage another rescue when they don't even know that this animal massacre and torture chamber exists bear them?

    3. I've lived near Sandyville my whole life and I've never heard of her rescue. She was obviously not advertising much outside Facebook groups. Which makes sense when you're not a real shelter. But the ARL of Iowa is a great place who will do everything they can for these pups. I've adopted several animals from them over the years and my sister was a volunteer for several years. They treat their animals well.

  3. phyciatric evaluation?? what the hell she needs her ass beat and placed in jail Michael vic went to jail and he wasn't even the one fighting the dogs thus satanic devil is waiting to be evaluated are you kidding me she knew what she was doing her intentions was to make $ her skinny ass needs to get the worst ass whooping known to man and then placed under the jail

  4. We need to get these laws changed, so people like her are held accountable. This is inhumane and deserves prison time and a hefty fine.

    1. Animal cruelty is a felony in all fifty states. See here:

      The challenge is in the law enforcement and judicial systems of any given city, county and state. What the investigators and a prosecuting attorney will need in this case is HARD EVIDENCE that she was abusing and neglecting these animals. All they have so far is circumstantial. It's up to ALL OF US to share this story far and wide because somebody else has details. Somebody besides her knows something, and they need to be flushed out to tell that story and provide that evidence so that she can be prosecuted in a criminal court. If it's circumstantial, you're looking at civil court and probation because animals are considered to be property in all fifty states. To make it a criminal case, someone needs to provide details and evidence on what she was doing (or not doing), how she was bilking donators, etc. Emails, photographs, FB posts, ANYTHING that anyone has from this individual can be used against her. SHARE SHARE SHARE and ask people to contact the Sheriff's Department if they have any information. That's the only way they'll be able to nail her.

    2. What more evidence do they need? They have a GoFundMe account that raised over 3G for a dog that was found starved to death in a kennel. They have pics of dogs dead in kennels n pics of dogs in various stages of death. They have a Facebook account in which she claims to be a licensed rescue which is untrue. I'd say they have all the proof they need.

  5. I am so sad when I seen the pictures. animals are like kids cant defend themselves. she needs to go hungry for a couple of weeks.

  6. OMG I seen that ad for help for the pit's surgery and shared it. so awful. She may not get what she deserves in his life, but she will in the next.

  7. I am I a state of shock and horror over the WILLFUL COMPLACENCY and FAIKURE TO ORRFORM THEUR DUIIES by local authorities when first notified. They too should face FELONY CHARGES

  8. Sorry for typos hard to type on TEARS THOSE POOR DOGS IM HEARTBROKEN and MAD AS HELL

  9. Sorry for typos hard to type on TEARS THOSE POOR DOGS IM HEARTBROKEN and MAD AS HELL

  10. I am I a state of shock and horror over the WILLFUL COMPLACENCY and FAIKURE TO ORRFORM THEUR DUIIES by local authorities when first notified. They too should face FELONY CHARGES

  11. Find this girl and lock her up forever.

  12. Someone want to explain to me why the hell the cops didn't seize the dogs on the 27th when they were there the first time?!? Iowa police are just as much to blame for these deaths! Shame on every1 who ignored the pleas for help. May you all rot in Hell bcuz you have no soul. Come on over to Michigan, Morrow. I'll be waiting for you with a cage of your own.

    1. Part of the problem is that the public isn't always aware of how law enforcement channels work. Animal control is usually the front line, but for cruelty cases (in most situations) the county Sheriff's Department is brought in to investigate. The Sheriff's Department's jurisdiction always supercedes both the city's and the police department's, and it is legally obligated to investigate any and all reported animal cruelty. The trouble is if one starts with animal control or the PD, both of those agencies can choose to ignore the reports unless there are multiple calls for service regarding the same situation. If you call a Sheriff's Department, every report must be investigated. Always start at the top. When in doubt, call the Sheriff.

  13. Anyone who "does not take animal cruelty seriously" needs to be directed to the National Link Coalition. I know Phil Arkow and some of the folks he has on his board of directors. I do not work for them or with them, but their organization does something no one else does, so I'm a very vocal advocate. Their collective research shows ongoing proof that there is a direct corollary between animal abuse and interpersonal violence. People usually start with animals and move to humans. Lindsey Morrow is a danger to herself and others--not just to animals, but to people and the community. Look here:

    If anyone is compelled to contact Mr. Arkow regarding this cruelty case, I highly recommend doing so. He is very personable and extremely knowledgeable about animal law and the impact this extent of animal cruelty can have on a community. He is an invaluable resource. Contact information is listed on their website as follows: 856-627-5118, email:

    For the court to let this woman off with a slap on the wrist is inexcusable. I hope that anyone involved in this investigation and cruelty case will take the time to consider the information provided by the National Link Coalition and at least speak with Mr. Arkow about the facts of the case to find out if he can provide further insight or means of keeping her either in jail or under supervision for a very long time. She cannot be allowed back into the community under current circumstances.

    Animal Rescue League of Iowa, THANK YOU.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. WHAT??? This is unbelievable they may return the 19 surviving dogs to her!! Posted on FB

    SANDYVILLE RESCUE UPDATE: A disposition hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 15. At the hearing, a Warren County judge will determine if the 19 living dogs that were rescued in the Sandyville case will be given back to the suspect, Lindsey Morrow, or not. The ARL is holding the dogs for Warren County officials until the outcome of the disposition hearing has been determined.

  16. I would give up my freedom to commit these same acts of cruelty on her. Sick B*%ch. Unbelievable. How did this go on for so long. No wonder my sick and twisted, crazy stalking neighbor, gets away with what she does.

  17. Maybe President Trump in office will enforce some serious laws against Animal Cruelty. Im sick to see this all over social media. God will take note. You will be judged!

  18. I pray to God the Judge gives her all he can. Please don't let her get away with this!

  19. I cannot believe anybody could be this cruel.....

  20. This story has to be in the top 10 worst! JEEZE, what I'd do to this creep if I could have my way! I'd start with her being beaten & locked in a small cage. "An eye for an eye"....

  21. Lindsey Morrow is apparently a scam artist, thief & a criminal. One sick bitch! Maximum penalty for animal abuse in Iowa is 4-5 years in prison. Judges should throw the book at her.

  22. Lindsey Morrow is apparently a scam artist, thief & a criminal. One sick bitch! Maximum penalty for animal abuse in Iowa is 4-5 years in prison. Judges should throw the book at her.

  23. This is so inhumane. To think that after this woman is arrested charged they feel she should have a mental exam? For what more waste of money surely this could be put to use Sa invoice these animals because we can all see the woman is psycho, a fraud, a liar, and an animal Killer and an abuser and all and above what we could come up with LEGALLY!!!!! Any court in the continental USA or abroad that gives an animal back to this witch should be shut down the officials should be removed from their positions and placed into jail with her. What in the name of God gives a person freedom after acts like this is immortal. Hang the witch or feed her to the starving dogs she neglected after a few thin slices are put on her tiny ass and she starts to bleed a little

  24. I'm in shock. The woman is psychotic. She needs the mental exam so hopefully she'll never see the outside world again either from a jail cell or a psych ward. I can't believe the neighbors never complained about the smell. The people that gave her dogs never noticed anything?

  25. i notice the blogger says early on that the lindsay morrow person had been attacking her rescue for years. this is why a. you do not believe any and all accusations made by someone against a rescue and b. you get in your freaking car and go see for yourself. i did this with a rescue i worked with. the "rescue bitches'" false allegations against that rescue have been unfounded also. i will be getting in my car yet again this summer to do yet another visit to that rescue and one other one as well. you HAVE to wonder at the single minded determination by one rescue against another to malign and badmouth. the reason most often is not because they are concerned about the dogs. in morrow's case, it was (imho) to throw off any concern anyone might have about morrow's OWN rescue. makes me now wonder if the rescuers and rescues i see putting false information about a rescue are hiding something themselves? one has to wonder at the hateful continuous actions. i am sorry the good rescue had to go thru that from morrow. it's obvious now why morrow continued to lob accusations. it's a shame no one got in his/her car sooner to check morrow out.

    1. There's no policing of most of these rescues. How many times have we read that someone running a rescue was charged with cruelty and you read that they were "shelter shopping" -- going from shelter to shelter and telling them they run a rescue and they'll take these animals and the shelters hand them over without question.

      No one makes sure the person is telling the truth when they say, "Oh I found homes for ALL the animals you gave me. Give me more!" These shelters aren't calling the supposed adopters to verify that yes, they adopted this dog. No one follows up to make sure that this sick animal really did receive vet care. No one does home inspections to verify that the animals that are supposed to be there are - and not dead and in a burn pit. They'll hand over unsocialized, animal-aggressive large dogs that they would never be able to adopt out and yet this person who does rescue in her spare time is able to find a home for this dog??

      I think it's almost like a gambling addiction. They're like the kid on Christmas day, all excited about his present and then he tosses it aside and is all excited about the next present. They get the rush of getting these animals, but then they're quickly forgotten and they're out trying to get new animals.

  26. PLEASE LETS BE CIVIL. NOT! I would piss on her grave and dance on it that is how I feel and what she deserves. She didn't bother to even burying her sinister deeds. too lazy and non human. I think she should be put in small kennel to use the bathroom on herself and starved.