Sunday, May 13, 2018

California: Woman's Dachshund mauled by Pit Bulls; she refuses to get vet care for the injured dog named Buddy

CALIFORNIA -- June Crawford posted on Facebook May 3, 2018 ·

On Monday poor buddy got attacked by three pit bulls

GOFUNDME: Please do not donate
Created May 2, 2018
Elizabeth Lee

Please do not donate as the owner of the little dog Buddy has refused to get the medical services he was in need for.

We are sadly not able to help him since the owner removed her dog from the veterinarian hospital.

If we are able to recover him now it sound like it's to late as he took a turn for the worst.

However we are still praying that the owner works with law enforcement and we can help Buddy,  if we are able to we will definitely keep you posted on Facebook as well as our sanctuary website.
Again thank you.

Update 1
Okay, here is an update on Buddy. The situation has turned dire. His lacerations on his abdomen are now infected. He is at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Marcos, California. If you can please share this and get more people involved we can get him the treatment and care that he needs before it's to late, he cannot wait that much longer without treatment. Right now he is suffering, if the surgery is not performed euthanization maybe his last resort.

*The vet will Not accept donations directly.*

Phone:(760) 466-0600
Address: 2055 Montel rd, San marcos ca 92069
Owners name : Jean Roberts

Update 2
To all the donors!

Jean Roberts has not helped her dog in twentynine palms and has let him down, due to this situation and us trying to reach out and help and her not wanting to care for Buddy we will be asking GoFundMe to return all fees from the donors.

We appreciate your support and we are so sad and heartbroken that Jean has not wanted to work with the Sheriff's department and veterinarian services as well as our sanctuary to help Buddy.

Again we thank you for your support and please make sure GoFundMe has returned all payments as we are now asking GoFundMe to return all donations.

Update 3
All donations are being sent back to all donors, please make sure you got your refund within 7 days GoFundMe has stated it could take up to that time, unfortunately the owner of Buddy took him from the veterinarian hospital and is not going to treat her dog, we are saddened by this and its unfortunate as Buddy is going to die.

We have worked with the Sheriff's department on a recovery mission however that didn't end well as now animal welfare is going to be taken over and law as we can not help as a sanctuary home now as its 100% out of our hands.

Its Buddy who needs help and it is him who is the victim that unfortunately we reached out to help but the owner is mentally unstable and isn't capable of being a responsible pet owner.

The owner needs to be charged with Animal Cruelty and Buddy needs to be taken for the needed vet care immediately. No, the owner will NOT go to jail. They will likely make her surrender Buddy, find a better home for him, and hopefully ban her from having animals for her unsupervised probation time - which won't be more than a year. That's hardly any punishment at all - but to leave Buddy suffering these horrifically painful injuries is outrageous.

Again we thank you and your support.
If the situation changes we will post it on our website and Facebook.

Thanks again

Friday, May 11, 2018

Indiana: After Pit Bull attacks elderly woman and mauls to death her beloved Poodle named Baby, authorities hand the mauler back to its owner

INDIANA -- Paula Herrig is feeling sad. Posted on Facebook May 3, 2018 ·

Need to vent!! Please Share. Maybe we can get this to the public and news in Indiana. Monday, my moms dog was viciously attached by a neighbors dog. (Mom is in Indiana with my sister, Peggy. That is where this took place)

Mom, 82 yrs old, fought to save her dog, Baby, not once, but twice. As the first time she got Baby, the pit bull attacked again, ripping Baby from her arms. She again fought the pit bull for her Baby. 

Baby was in critical condition, until this morning, when she passed away. Mom was bit in the "fight". The pit bull was returned to it's owner!!!!!Where it still is!!!!! 

The owner admitted to fault, stating they knew the dog was getting out, but they couldn't afford a "better" fence. But the dog is still returned to that home!?!?

Are you kidding me???? What has to happen for a dog to be removed??? Killing a pet and biting the pets owner isn't enough?? INDIANA, WTF!?!? JUST SOOO WRONG!!!!

My heart aches for you mom!! LOVE YOU!!


Oregon: Woman's dog attacked by homeless couple's Pit Bull. Even though they refused to give her any information about their mauler, she says not to judge them -- and says she still likes Pit Bulls SMH

OREGON -- Susan Doll posted on Facebook May 1, 2018 ·

Brody got attacked by an off-leash pit bull tonight while we were out for our bike ride.

The owners were very shocked and apologetic, but also homeless and not forthcoming with much information.

"Not forthcoming"... you mean they refused to tell you anything.

I'm not looking for judgments on the homeless population, or on pit bulls, thanks, just worried about a big bill later if an unseen puncture abscesses.

Brody is current on his shots. He seemed ok when we left the couple, but I found a small puncture on his neck when we got home. Rinsed it with saline per the phone vet tech's instructions & will keep an eye on it. Still looking for any others, but haven't found them yet.

Brody has really thick fur and thinks wiggling is helpful, which makes the search & rinse difficult. He seems to have bounced back alright attitude wise, but I'm still keeping a worried mom eye on him.

Please, even if you think your dog is the friendliest pooch in the world, use a leash when out in the general population, you don't know what is going to be THAT factor for your dog. I was so paranoid about making sure Brody was well contained that I didn't consider that another dog could be the aggressor. I wonder if I could make him some leather plate armor. Or just wrap him in a really big bubble...

Homeless people with their vicious dogs is a growing problem, though mostly occurring on the West Coast whose liberal states have encouraged and permitted homeless encampments and in the case of San Francisco, homeless drug addicts urinating and defecating on the streets of San Francisco, used needles lying everywhere including playgrounds and dangerous gauntlets of homeless, vicious dogs, trash and human waste lining the greenways and bike paths in larger cities.

If you or your dog is attacked by a homeless person's dog, you might as well assume a few things: 1- the dog is NOT vaccinated against rabies 2- the homeless person will not cooperate and wait for authorities to arrive to quarantine their dog 3- they may attack you if you persist in them "doing the right thing" and waiting for authorities to arrive 4- you will NEVER be reimbursed from anyone for your bills.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Arizona: Elderly Tucson woman and her small dog mauled by pit bull; owner grabbed dog and fled

ARIZONA -- Eighty-two-year-old Rose Ellis and her little pooch Daizie are recovering and searching for answers after being attacked by a pit bull earlier this week on the east side.

Ellis was walking Daizie along Olympic Club Drive near Pebble Beach Avenue on Tuesday morning.


It turned deadly when a pit bull jumped over a brick wall and darted toward Rose and Daizie from behind.

“This dog comes and grabs her from behind us and shook her like a rag doll,” Rose said.

The pit bull proceeded to bite and knock over Rose but not without a fight.

“I got up and I was screaming and yelling and kept kicking some more and then a bunch of the neighbors come out and help me,” Rose said.

She couldn’t bear to lose another loved one.


"I lost my husband in December before Christmas and I didn't want to lose somebody else,” Rose said.

Rose’s son Steve is bewildered and frustrated by the whole ordeal, especially with the pit bull’s owner.


“She didn't [bother to check and] see how my mom was doing or just stick around to kind of give information she just basically left and disappeared with the dog,” Steve said.

The pit bull owner is nowhere to be found.

She happens to live in a camper trailer in the backyard of a man named David Snodgrass who allows her to live there as long as she pays utilities. This is the same backyard where the pit bull jumped over the brick wall.

"Animal control did show up. They gave me this notice to give to her. I can't give it to her because she's not here. I don't know where she is,” Snodgrass claims.

"Because we don't have the vaccination information for that dog, that puts my mom at risk because she's going to have to go through those rabies shots,” Steve said.

While Pima County animal control officers are investigating, Rose and Daizie are recovering.

"I don't want to go through that rabies treatment because at my age, that's not good,” Steve said.

To help Rose and Daizie:

GOFUNDME: Help for Rosie and Daizie
Created May 4, 2018
Steven Ellis

On the morning of May 1st my mom, Rosie, was walking her dog, Daizie, when both were attacked and mauled by a pit bull. The dog savagely attacked Daizie then turned on my mom when she tried to save her dog. My mom was knocked to the ground, bitten and scratched up before the pit bull turned and attacked Daizie again.

Neighbors and people nearby heard my mom screaming. People screened my mom and Daizie from the pit bull which continued to try to attack them.

The owner of the pit bull ran out, grabbed the pit bull and drove off. The owner of the pit bull did NOT stop to assist my mom in any way or even leave information regarding her pit bull's vaccinations and shots. The woman and her dog drove off and disappeared.

Tucson Police and Pima County Animal Control were immediately notified of the attack. Attempts to contact the pit bull owner have gone unanswered or ignored.

Daizie was rushed to the nearest Veterinarian ER where she was stabilized. I took my mom to the nearest ER where her bite and scratch wounds were treated. After having a CAT scan and x-rays, doctors found that my mom's tail bone was broken during the attack.

Since the pit bull and its owner fled the scene of the attack and have refused to contact us with information on the pit bull's vaccinations, my mom will have to undergo rabies shots since we cannot verify if the pit bull is up to date on its vaccinations.

The owner and her Pit Bull were living in this camper in 
David Snodgrass's backyard. He claims not to know
where she ran off to or where she's hiding her vicious dog

Mom is 82 years old and going through those shots will add additional suffering and trauma- not mentioning the potential side effects of the treatment which could be severe given her age and health.

My mom is on fixed income and cannot afford the increasing cost of treatment for herself and Daizie. We are asking for assistance in covering these expenses.

Update 1
This shows the amount of damage done to Daizie that needed emergency vet attention from the attack. Mom has bites and scratches on her arms and legs.

As of today, the owner still refuses to contact us with the vaccination information for the pit bull and ignoring repeated phone and text request to simply give us the name of her pit bull's vet.

Pima County Animal Care have been working with us to locate the owner and the dog. The owner is apparently sleeping in her car somewhere in town and avoiding to return to her camper.

Update 2
Zack Briggs from KVOA Channel 4 News came out this morning to interview mom regarding the attack. The owner and the dog is still missing. You can watch the interview tonight during the 6pm news.

(KVOA - May 4, 2018)