Sunday, July 30, 2017

Australia: Residents fight off a pit bull with a child's SCOOTER after it knocked over a toddler and viciously attacked a woman on a Sydney street - before turning on another dog

AUSTRALIA -- In the aftermath of a vicious dog attack, local residents used poles and a scooter to stop the animal from injuring another dog.

An escaped pit bull was on the loose on Old Kent Road in Greenacre in Sydney's south-west, when the canine caught a whiff of a spit roast and entered the front yard of a home where a birthday party was taking place.


The dog ran up to a two-year-old child and knocked her down before a woman, who was trying to intervene, was bitten on the leg.

She suffered a non-serious bite wound to her ankle and was treated by paramedics at the scene.

Another woman was scratched by the dog during the incident.

The dog then ran on the road and started to attack another dog before two men used a pole and children's scooter to separate them.

In footage from the scene, one man is seen swinging a scooter up in the air before smashing it into the animal.

Later, the video shows a man - alleged to be the violent dog's owner - taking his animal away.

Another man, believed to be the owner of the other dog, also appears in the footage collecting his pet.

A witness told Daily Mail Australia they saw a man drive to a nearby property with the dog who attacked the woman, before police made a visit to that home later.

A police spokesperson confirmed officers attended the incident around 2:15pm on Saturday afternoon.

She said the matter has been referred onto Bankstown Council.


(Daily Mail - July 29, 2017)

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