Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wisconsin: Mary Watson says Cocker Spaniels used to be the "pitbull breed of the country" because they were attacking everyone 'for no reason'

WISCONSIN -- The number of nutbags who chide news stations for daring to reveal the breed of dog that attacked or killed their latest victim is stunning.

Any time you read a story about a Pit Bull attack, wait a couple days and then go look on Facebook for the news sites' link and then read the comments posted. Pure gold.

Here are some that were posted in response to the below article regarding a woman who was attacked and whose little Yorkie was nearly mauled to death by a Pit Bull:

Riviea Washington - Why is this a story??? Only because there was a "pit bull" involved? Great way to keep perpetuating negativity and discrimination. Any dog can attack another dog, get over yourselves with the labeling crap.

Rylee Schuchardt - And these people with their "lock jaw" comments! 😡 I can't even.

Riviea Washington - Rylee Schuchardt I know! I mean, you really can't even define "pitbull" anymore. It's the same thing as discrimination against people because of their race and it's RIDICULOUS.

Brittany Wenger - I feel it is a story, because of the lack of responsibility the owners had over their dog. With that being said however, I worked for a short time in a doggie daycare and out of all of the dogs I met consider a "pit" only one (of the probable 8) had aggressive issues. Which he only did because he was rescued from being a fighting dog, aka he was trained horribly. Sticking the "pit bull attack" in a headline just makes more people view them badly. Shame on whoever made that call.. you are feeding a bs stereotype. Shame!

Nicholas Velasquez - How come you published this about a pitbull and not about the German shepherd that attacked my son or the Chihuahua that the Bit off a chunk of my friends little boys toe or that the number 1 recorded dog attacks in dodge county are black lab and German shepherd and I could go on and on but yet you force the stereotype on us to make us believe these are the only attacks. I'm not saying that any of these breeds are bad but the there are bad owners there are cases of dog bites in every breed not just pitbulls

Lisa Breunig It is how they are raised. NOT THE breed. My pitbull loves my 5 yo and 1.5 yo daughters and has NEVER lashed out at them even tough they constantly torcher her (sit on her pet her bug her etc) pit bulls were and are the great "babysitter" family dog.

Janice Kilby - For those of you that said there's something missind in this story, there is not!! It states woman walking her dog, by a school. She and her dog were both attacked by another dog. That dog owner did nothing to help until both she and her much smaller dog were both attacked. Her dog almost died. She was also severely bitten. That's it, the entire story. Nothing is missing!!!

Mary Watson - And here we go again! Only the ignorant believe in BSLs.
I recall when Cocker Spaniels, once a family friendly breed, were inbred so much they were once the "pitbull breed of the country" because they were biting for 'no reason'.

ANY dog will attack/bite for no reason. My Bichon was attacked by a black lab. Dog came out of nowhere to attack her for over 5 minutes. Woman finally got her off my dog and disappeared.
Don't blame the dog.
Just like kids, some people should not have dogs!


Kenny Garrity - My question is would this have even been reported if it was any other breed ?

Mary Kay O'Neil Riggs Oh you don't think it would've made the news if a poodle had attacked the woman and she received 27 stitches. You're wrong, it would have. Anyone attack d by any dog that bad would be newsworthy.

Brittany Wenger - This is THE BEST comment thread about a "pit bull attack" I have seen. Much love to everyone voicing that this is a bad headline promoting an unfair and untrue stereotype. The owners of the dog are to blame NOT the breed. Shame on you Channel 3000 for taking the focus off of the attacking dogs owner and trying to put it on a dog breed. Shame!

Oh Brittany. So young, so naive...