Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wisconsin: "The Pit Bull tore up the back of her skull, he broke her jaw and a tooth" yet police handed the Pit Bull back to its owner and never filed a report

WISCONSIN -- A Madison woman said she and her dog are recovering after an attack Friday by a stranger's dog near a school.

Brigette Buchmeier said she and her and dog were attacked in an area where a lot of dogs and kids play by Lapham Elementary School on Madison's near east side.

Buchmeier said she was walking past the park with her terrier, Harley, when a pit bull jumped the fence and started attacking them. Buchmeier said Harley's leash broke and the pit bull took him by the mouth.

She struggled with the dog and screamed for help while she said the pit bull’s owner watched but didn’t intervene right away.

“(The dog) actually exposed her jugular and she almost bled to death, but I had pressure on it,” Buchmeier said. “The dog tore up the back of her skull, he broke her jaw and a tooth.”

The attack lasted about 5 minutes, Buchmeier said.

The dog bit her wrist, finger and legs. She was taken to the hospital and had to get 27 stitches. Harley was taken to an emergency veterinarian.

Buchmeier said the dog who attacked them was released back to its owner. She said police never contacted her and she doesn’t know the name of the pet owner involved. She said she’s planning to hire a lawyer.

(Channel3000 - July 3, 2017)

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