Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'Vicious' Dog Killed After Attack

OHIO -- Neighbors on the 200 block of Oberlin Avenue heard the screams of one woman, who was outside doing yard work.

They tell News Center7 that a dog, described as a “large black dog,” chased the woman to her porch, where she was able to run to safety.

“This dog looked like a horse coming towards me,” said the woman, who wanted to remain nameless.
After the alleged attack, neighbors picked up the phone and called 911.

Montgomery County deputies were called out to Jefferson Township Tuesday night on those reports of a vicious dog.

Deputies were searching the area for the dog, when they said the dog ran out of a fenced area and lunged at a deputy.

In a split-second decision, Sgt. David Statzer said the deputy was forced to react.

“The dog charged him. He was defending himself and had to shoot the dog,” said Statzer.

The dog died, but Statzer said the neighbors did the right thing by calling law enforcement to handle the situation.

The owner of the dog was cited for one count of failure to maintain the dog on their property and two counts of having unlicensed dogs.

No people were hurt from the attacks.

(WHIO - Oct. 13, 2009)