Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Jersey: Holland Township decides against wolf hybrid ban, don't care that your pets are being mauled to death

NEW JERSEY -- Wolf-hybrid dogs will not be banned in one in a rural northwestern New Jersey town.

Holland Township officials had proposed the ordinance in September, after five of Cliff Zager's 14 wolf dogs escaped. The animals have gotten out twice since then.

The Township Committee rejected the proposal late Tuesday night,just one day after the latest escape - the fifth such incident since 2005.

However, the panel will consider another measure that may limit the number of wolf dogs that may be kept to seven.

Wolf hybrid dogs are defined as dogs with a wolf ancestor in the past three generations.

No one has been injured by the animals, but police say the dogs killed two domestic turkeys the last time they got out.


(News12 - Nov 25, 2009)