Friday, June 11, 2010

Ohio: Grand jury indicts Nicholas Reynolds, 17, and Marcus Miller, 18, of torture death of baby alpaca

OHIO -- A Butler County grand jury has indicted two Middletown teens accused of stealing a three-month-old baby alpaca from a farm, dragging it crying from its mother, taking turns beating the baby animal to death and then putting it back in their truck and dumping his broken and battered body at an abandoned farm.

Seventeen-year-old Nicholas Reynolds (aka Nick Reynolds) and 18-year-old Marcus Miller are both charged with five counts each of animal cruelty, grand theft, breaking and entering, vandalism and tampering with evidence from the January incident.

The alpaca, named Masterpiece, was worth about $8,000.


Miller was 17-years-old at the time of arrest.

Both teens were initially charged as juveniles, but a judge ruled last month they should be tried as adults.

Stacie Mullins, 23, was also involved in the torture death of this baby animal say police.


(WCPO - June 10, 2010)