Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saline dog owner cited after pit bull attacks neighbor's dog

NIMBY = Not In My Backyard. Describes people who don't care what effect something will have on others; their only concern is that it does not affect them personally.

MICHIGAN -- The owner of a pit bull that viciously attacked a neighbor’s dog after getting loose last week said she plans to move her pet out of the Saline city limits.

Amber Calo said she’ll move “Gringa,” a 2-year old female pit bull, to a friend’s home in Ann Arbor after Calo’s scheduled appearance in court next week.

She was cited by Saline police on June 22 for having a vicious dog after it mauled a 7-year-old Beagle that was on a walk with its owner in the 100 block of Burwyck Park Drive at about 7:15 p.m., reports show.

Officers who were called to the neighborhood found a chaotic scene involving several people, including a man holding [the pit bull] by the choke collar, reports said. The man looked afraid and urged officers to grab the [Beagle], which appeared exhausted and was covered in blood, reports said.

An officer used a capture rod to restrain the [pit bull]  and talked to the owner of the other dog before she rushed it to the veterinarian.

The woman said her dog was leashed and they were just starting a walk when Gringa came out of a nearby garage and “started ripping into her,” reports stated.

The woman said she drove the pit bull off, picked up her dog and ran inside.

Officers said the Beagle was covered in bloody towels, and there was blood on the sidewalk and driveway.

The pit bull was detained and impounded for a day, Calo said.

Police reports note the garage was open roughly 8 inches, and Calo told them she generally leaves the door open to slightly vent the garage. She said she forgot to close the entry door to the house, allowing Gringa to get out.

Amber Calo wonders why it's such
a big deal that her pit bull attacked
a Beagle. It wasn't a person, for
goodness sake!

“I don’t know what happened and I feel really bad,” said Calo, who also owns a cat. “She’s never bitten a person, but just for the peace of mind for the community, I’ll be taking her out. I don’t want to put her down.”

The city’s municipal code prohibits any person from owning a fierce or vicious dog.

Calo said she paid for the neighbor’s veterinarian bills, and they’ve spoken since the incident. Gringa is vaccinated, and Calo said she did train her.

The owner of the Beagle did not return messages Monday. Police did not have an updated condition of the injured dog.

( - June 30, 2010)

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