Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dog Saves Family From Pit Bull Attack

SAN ANTONIO, TX -- A west side family called their family pet a hero after he came their rescue when a stray pit-bull went on the attack.

Their dog 'Bliss' saved them late Tuesday night.

Bliss saved her family

Rita Rodriguez said she was in her yard with her daughters and grand daughter when the pit bull came up behind them.

Rodriguez said they tried to get the pit bull to leave, but it wouldn't.

The next thing they saw was Bliss spring into action and keep the pit bull occupied until the family could chain it to a fence and call police.

"If is weren't for Bliss protecting my family, we would have been injured ourselves," Rodriguez said.
Bliss suffered injuries to his ear and neck, but should be OK.

(KSAT - June 30, 2011)