Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Owner Held Responsible for Pit bull Attack

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX -- A pit-bull attack in the city leaves a beloved pet dead, but this time the owner of the dog is held responsible.

We spoke with a group of cousins Thursday afternoon who tell us they were outside in the 700 block of Cheyenne, playing with their little dog Brownie this afternoon; when one of their friends stopped by with his pit bull.

"I guess the pit bull followed him and he started barking and my dog started barking and it attacked," the dog's owner told us.

Animal Control says the pit bull killed the little Chihuahua and the Chihuahua's owner tells us he tried to catch the dog that killed his pet.

"I chased the dog and there were two people who told me to stop because the pit bull's tail was up and they called 911," he said.

When Animal Control officers got there, they say the pit bull ran off and eventually went back to his house in the 2800 block of Sabinas. They tell us the dog hid under the house and they couldn't try and pull him out for safety reasons.

The dog's owner was cited because the dog was outside of his yard when the attack happened and because it did not have its current vaccinations.

We're told once the animal comes out from under the house, his owner will have to hand him over to the city and he'll be put down.

Animal Control says its cases like this that should remind dog owners how important it is to keep their pets in their yard or on a leash.

Meanwhile, the kids say they'll miss their favorite playmate.

"He was a cool little dog."

Animal control tells us just to be sure the dog is surrendered to them, they'll be checking in at the house once a day to look for the animal.

(KZTV - June 23, 2011)