Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pueblo Woman Scalped In Brutal Dog Attack

COLORADO -- A woman is recovering in the hospital Monday night, after a horrific dog attack in the Pepper Sauce Bottoms neighborhood of Pueblo.

Bloodstains now mark the spot on Alamo Road where she was taken down by a pair of pit bulls Monday morning.

There’s no telling how long the attack may have lasted, had it not been for another woman who came by in the nick of time.

“[The victim] was basically de-scalped, dragged across the roadway by the two pit bulls,“ said Michael Mares, a Corporal with the Pueblo Police Department, “...the witness who stopped to render assistance was able to scare the dogs off. “

Part of the woman’s scalp had become completely detached, and was lying on the ground when ambulance crews arrived.

Animal Control Officers found the pit bulls and two pit bull puppies in a pen nearby.

“One of the dogs taken was a female that recently gave birth,” said Corporal Mares, “…the puppies belonged to her, because she was being protective of the puppies when we were trying to apprehend them.”

The dogs will now be held until the courts decide if they need to be put down.

The owner, Paul Rodriguez of Pueblo, will have to pay to house the dogs until the court decides their fate. If Rodriguez cannot pay to keep the dogs housed, they will be put down.

Rodriguez has been issued a summons and complaint for two counts of unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog.

The victim - whose name has not been released - is expected to survive, but she will likely have to undergo several surgeries over a long period of time.

Although it's not mentioned in the article, in the video clip the officer - the voice of reason! - tells it like it is:
 "...it's hard to say with definitiveness the aggressiveness of pit bulls but it seems more often than not when we're involved in any kind of dog attack, it's that kind of animal..."

(Newschannel13 - Dec 5, 2011)