Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Man charged with animal cruelty after dog found dead

TEXAS -- A neighbor called police this afternoon for a dog tied to a fence in the heat of the day. By the time officers arrived it was too late.

The owner of the dog, Jesse Deleon, had to carry his deceased one year old mutt into the Animal Control van.

Deleon says his dog was an indoor pet and he had only started leaving him outside because he wasn't potty trained.

Deleon says, "It's depressing, but it happens."

There was no shade near the fence the dog was chained to. A water bowl was nearby, but the dog may have dumped it over.

Police say Deleon is facing a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty.

Deleon says he's learned from his mistake and says he is going to take better care of his other dog.

"I am going to make sure he is protected. Keep the dog house, cold water."

Animal Control Officer James Ray gave some tips for keeping pets safe during these hot summer months: "As a human, you wouldn't like to sit outside all day long during the heat, chained up, tied up. Bring them inside."

NOTE: According to the weather almanac, the high temperature in Corpus Christi on this date, July 30th, was 100 degrees.

(KZTV - July 30, 2012)