Saturday, July 28, 2012

"My best friend just shot a pit bull"

It broke through his fence from a neighbors yard and immediately jumped on his dog and started biting it. He tried to break them up and got bit so he grabbed his gun and shot that fucker in the head.

I'm still getting more details he is at the hospital checking to see if he needs injections or stitches.

Glock 17 was his dog killing weapon.

Here is his hand, apparently you can't stitch a dog bite to ensure you don't seal in an infection, learn something new everyday.

...police were on the scene so there is definitely a report out there. I feel the same way, my bud was minding his own business in his backyard when wild dogs broke through his fence and attacked him and his dog. That was someones fault and that someone needs to pay.
Forgot to say I got a few more details of the story. It turns out 3 dogs broke through the fence and all 3 attacked my friends 1 dog. When he tried to separate them the pit bull bit his leg but he had jeans on and then his hand. His girlfriend saw blood and him grabbing a gun and the neighbor yelling so she called the cops. He shot the pit bull and kicked the other two dogs in the head over and over until they ran back to their yard.

I asked him why he didn't shoot all three he said his adrenaline was pumping and the kicking was working so he didn't think about it. He said next time he is shooting first though.

His girlfriend is a nurse and in the presence of police officers she asked if the pit was immunized and the owner avoided the question... so probably not.........

The neighbor is a **** head, my friend constantly has to mow his lawn and cut his trees or it doesn't get done. He is the type of person that has a pitbull as a status symbol if you know what I mean.

IMO I think my bud should sue the **** out of him, this wasn't some tiny accident the guy had a violent dog and didn't take any measures to make sure he wasn't getting out. It was directly his fault. Now my bud an his dog are injured due to this lazy ****head being a lazy ****head.

I have a violent dog who can jump our 6 foot block wall in one area so I made sure to fence off that area because I didn't want her getting out and biting someone. Anyone with the smallest amount of compassion or foresight would do the same.

(AR15 - July 28, 2012)