Friday, September 21, 2012

Florida: Kirby Gant, 51, and Alvoid Kennon, 34, arrested for cruelty to animals

FLORIDA -- A pair of Bradenton men were arrested Wednesday and charged with cruelty to animals after police found 12 dogs in their care living in cages where chemical lime and lye were spread.

Kirby D. Gant, 51, and Alvoid Wilson Kennon, 34, kept the dogs in a kennel on private property in the 1100 block of Fourth Street West, Bradenton and in cages at Kennon's residence in the 200 block of 12th Avenue West, according to a Bradenton Police Department report.

Kirby D. Gant and Alvoid Kennon

In the cages and kennels, the men had spread lime and lye that the dogs could not avoid stepping and laying in, the report states. The chemicals can be poisonous if swallowed and can cause burns.

On Fourth Street West, the men had two adult males, one adult female and 10 puppies younger than a year old.

Some of the dogs had fresh cuts and scars.

Some of the dogs at Kennon's residence were tethered to thick chains and had no shelter, the report states. One dog had no water and was not able to get into shelter because his chain was too short. One of the dogs had a broken leg.

The bag of lime/lye observed by the Bradenton Police officer had a warning label on the bag that indicated there were health risk, the report states.

After he was arrested, Gant told police he did not know the substances were poisonous.

(Bradenton Herald - September 20, 2012)

Grant's criminal history, listed on, goes back to 1984 which includes robbery with a gun, cocaine possessioin, cocaine sale or purchase, cocaine manufacture...