Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer started this way...

Teen shot, killed animals in cage, Brevard deputies say

FLORIDA -- Brevard County deputies say they have arrested a teenager who was recorded on a cell phone camera killing two animals. That video was then posted on Facebook with people around the world signing an on-line petition calling for an arrest.

The 17-year-old from Melbourne, who will remain unidentified, is now locked up in the Brevard County Juvenile Detention Center, charged with felony animal cruelty and discharging a weapon in a residential area.

On the video, you can see a raccoon, trapped in a cage, with a barrel aimed at its head.

The teenager kicks the cage as the animal appears to cower down in fear.

Deputies said the teenager's sister recorded the video. She can be heard telling the suspect, "don't do it."

The sister says of the opssum, "You shot its
tongue off. The poor thing.... oh my God. This
is way more bloodier than the skunk."

Then, the teen shoots the animal in the face. It is unknown what sort of weapon the teen used, but it did not immediately kill the animal. Instead, the raccoon thrashes in the cage for nearly a minute, while the teen moves on to a second animal, an opossum.

In that case, the opossum was shot in the mouth and is seen bleeding for over a minute while also thrashing in its cage.

A minute later - suffering and still moving, the suspect shoots the opossum again, but it remains alive.

[The sister doesn't seem too concerned, more grossed out. She says in the video, "Ooh you shot its tongue off. What's it doing?"]

"Killing the animal is the last resort," said Chris Mason, a nuisance wildlife trapper.

Mason said although killing a raccoon and opossum is legal, it must be done in a humane manner.

After shooting the opossum
in the face, he drags the cage
away from the large pool of
blood you can see to the left

"A lot of people actually relocate them. In 90 percent of cases, like for raccoons and things like that, they don't have to be put down at all," said Mason.

Brevard deputies said so far the suspect's sister is not facing any charges, but they are asking anyone who has information on this case to contact Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS.

[So the female isn't facing charges for videotaping the systematic, abuse, torture and death of animals? Whatever. I hope her parents intervene. She clearly needs psychological counseling as well. Otherwise, two words come to mind: Aileeen Wuornos]

(ClickOrlando - June 25, 2013)

#3. Torturing Small Animals -  This is one of the strongest warning signs. Children who torture or kill small animals like squirrels, birds, cats, and dogs without showing remorse are highly likely to be sociopaths. Many serial killers kill to control others’ lives, and as children, small animals are the only lives they have the power to control.
When young, Jeffrey Dahmer impaled the heads of animals he killed on stakes in his yard (even admitting to having killed his own puppy and staking its head in the yard). By age eight Ted Bundy was killing animals, taking apart animals, setting animals on fire... John Wayne Gacy admitted to torturing, doing 'experiments' and killing small animals when he was a small boy.

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