Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pit bulls chewed through woman's CAR as terrified cat cowered in wheel well

FLORIDA -- A Florida woman has accused a pair of stray pit bulls of eating through one of her car’s side panels.

Gail Beckwith, of Lauderhill, said the dogs were after a cat hiding in the right front wheel well on her Toyota Yaris. They tried to chew through the car earlier this week to get to the frightened feline.

’This is crazy, never ever in my life have I ever seen anything like this,’ the shocked woman told Local 10. ‘They bit right through the car.’


The red coupe suffered significant damage in the incident. The panel, bumper and hood are being held together with string.

 ‘I see the car all torn up and I was like ‘what the hell?’ She recalled to the station.

‘They bit right through the car,’ she later added.

Ms Beckwith told the station that a pair of roaming pit bulls attacked the car. She produced a part of the car riddled with teeth marks from the vicious dogs.

‘They always travel in two, they’re never alone,’ the woman added, describing one of the dogs as brown and the other as off-white with spots.

She believes the two beasts were after a cat that ran for its life and cowered in the wheel well as the dogs launched their brutal assault on the innocent vehicle.

‘The cat was resting here,’ Ms Beckwith told the station while pointing to the damaged area. ‘That's why they started pulling this off, so that they could get to the cat.’

The dogs are not believed to have attacked any people, but the worried woman fears for the safety of children in the area.

‘If they can do this to a car, imagine what they can do to kids, and there's two schools in the area,’ she said.

Neighbors shared her concern.

‘It really does worry me,’ an unidentified person said while gesturing to his young daughter standing next to him. ‘She could be dead now.’

‘That’s very scary,’ said another.

Local animal control officials told Local 10 that there have been no reports of animals reported running wild through the city, but have cautioned locals to be careful in the event they cross paths with the blood-thirsty canines.

(Daily Mail - Nov 15, 2013)

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