Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Abandoned Shih-tzu found with feces and rubbish in fur

UNITED KINGDOM -- This abandoned Shih-tzu was found in an “utterly shocking” condition in east London.

The dog, named Puffin by RSPCA staff, was found in Thamesmead near Yarnton Way on September 8, and later taken into the care of a vet.

The fur on Puffin’s paws was so matted that they were four times their usual size, making it painful for him to walk.

Feces and rubbish were also found matted in his fur.

The RSPCA has now launched an appeal for information about how the animal came to be in such poor condition.

Inspector Joanna Bishop from the RSPCA said Puffin had clearly been neglected for his entire life and that he was “abandoned on the streets and just left to roam".

“Thankfully it looks like he will make a full recovery, but the mating was so severe we had to sedate him in order to remove it,” Insp Bishop said.

“But he is such a sweet-natured little thing, despite all the pain he was obviously in.”

(Standard UK - Sept 17, 2014)

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