Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Felony Charges Being Sought In Local Kitten Stomping Deaths

MICHIGAN -- Criminal charges could be filed in connection with an unsettling animal cruelty case out of the Hartland area in which a half a dozen kittens appeared to have been intentionally stomped to death.

Animal Control Director Debbie Oberle tells WHMI their report has been completed and submitted to the Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office. Six felony animal abuse/neglect charges are being sought, although the ultimate decision lies with the prosecutor.

Animal Control began investigating after the incident was reported via a 911 call on September 20th. Six kittens three to four weeks old appeared to have been intentionally stomped to death with a large shoe or boot inside a home in the area of US-23, south of M-59.

Oberle previously said there was a grown cat in the same home that appeared to be the mother of the kittens but it was unharmed.

Anyone with an un-wanted litter of kittens can contact Livingston County Animal Control or the Humane Society of Livingston County as well as other animal shelters and local rescue groups.

(WHMI - September 30, 2014)

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