Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dog rescued from a frozen creek, survives, finds a new home

COLORADO -- Three Good Samaritans ran across  an injured dog a few weeks ago that was stuck, frozen in a creek in Bible Park in southeast Denver. They got the Rottweiler out of the creek and took him to the Dumb Friends League nearby.

The dog, named “River,” was nursed back to health and now he has a new, loving home.

“Animals are living creatures and they are grateful for you for taking them home,” Adopting Counselor Hortensia Orellana Rosell said. “It’s the most wonderful gift you can give, it’s just to give an animal a wonderful home. And an animal will give you the same gift of love and  companionship for the rest of your lives.”

The people who take care of the dog believe he was hit by a car and that’s how he ended up in Goldsmith Gulch at the park.

“He was injured and he was stuck in the gulch. There was some frozen water and he couldn’t get out.  His back end was submerged in the water…and he couldn’t move,” Dumb Friends League spokeswoman Megan Rees said.

The three strangers jumped in the freezing water to rescue the dog. “They said he was just as sweet as can be, the whole time they were trying to get him out of the river.”

“Our veterinarians immediately saw that his back leg was broken. The fracture was so complicated that we did have to amputate his leg,” Rees said.

He gets around just fine on his three other legs.

River didn’t have a collar or microchip. No one showed up to claim him, so they gave him medical treatment and set him up in a foster home. Just in time for the Black Friday “Name Your Price” donation discount, River went up for adoption.

A couple from Highlands Ranch adopted River. They say they made up their minds to take him home even before they knew his story.

(Channel 2 News-Nov 28, 2014)

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