Friday, January 23, 2015

United Kingdom: Malamute rushed to vet's office after eating box of chocolates. Then they find out he's also got FIVE dog toys in tummy

UNITED KINGDOM -- Wolfing down an entire box of chocolates is enough to make anyone feel a little full.

But for Booster the dog, who was rushed to the vet after eating a tin of Quality Street with the wrappers still on, the binge was just the start of his discomfort.

For once taking a peek at the Alaskan Malamute's stomach, vets were shocked to discover the animal had also eaten five rubber toys.

It came after his owners Jackie and Guy Kelly from Plymouth, Devon, found the dog severely bloated and writhing in pain after eating the chocolates that had been left over from Christmas.

'We came downstairs one morning and he was the size of a cow,' said Mr Kelly, a builder.

'He was really bloated and didn't look well - we could see he had eaten a 750g tin of Quality Street so we took him to the vets.'

After spending two days in vets' care, Booster was sent home but still seemed to be in pain.

When Mr Kelly returned to weeks later, an X-ray revealed the pet had swallowed five rubber balls that were lodged in his stomach.

'He takes them off other dogs in the park and tends to chew them up, so we try to keep him away from balls,' Mr Kelly, 55, said.

'But we never thought he would eat one, let alone five.'

Adam Coulson, of Plymouth Veterinary Hospital where Booster was treated, said the dog's pain came after gases from the chocolates stopped his blood flow.

'His immediate problem was that all of the gas blowing up his stomach was preventing blood from flowing back to his heart, and so his circulation was failing.'

It was only weeks later Mr Coulson discovered the toys lurking in his stomach.

'X-rays showed some very strange shadows in his abdomen and exploratory surgery yielded two balls and three toys from his now slightly sagging stomach.

'However, not a Quality Street in sight.

'Booster has recovered from his surgery with further care at the hospital and on examination this week has returned to his old, noisy and slightly cantankerous self.

'We still don't know where the toys came from and how long they had been inside his stomach.

'They only seemed to cause him a problem after his chocolate eating antics. We are hoping for no repeat performances and are very glad that Mr Kelly had him insured for all of his life saving treatment.'

(Daily Mail - January 18th 2015)

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