Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tennessee: Jennifer Hargrove, faces felony animal cruelty charges

TENNESSEE -- A Spring Hill woman was arrested this week on animal cruelty charges, Maury County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Andy Jackson said Wednesday.

Jennifer Renay Hargrove (aka Jenny Hargrove, Jenni Hargrove), 32, of 3316 Reagen Road, Spring Hill, was arrested and charged with two counts of animal cruelty (Misdemeanor) and two charges of aggravated animal cruelty (Felony).

She was jailed and released Monday, according to a Maury County Jail booking report.

Jackson said the sheriff’s department received a call on Sunday from someone saying there were malnourished dogs outside the Reagen Road home.

“We found two dead dogs out there and some more dogs that were in very bad shape,” Jackson said. “They hadn’t been fed properly.”

With temperatures this week falling to the teens and single-digits, investigators were afraid the other dogs would freeze to death, he said.

Deputies arrested Hargrove at her residence Monday, and she surrendered four dogs to the sheriff’s department, Jackson said. He said those dogs were taken to the Maury County Animal Shelter.

“There may be one that won’t be adoptable, because he’s kind of aggressive,” Jackson said. “But the others, by the point in time we get through court and everything, I’m sure the shelter will be able to adopt them out and let people have them in their homes.”

Hargrove had another dog in her mobile home that had recently given birth to a litter of puppies, Jackson said. He said the mother dog and puppies belonged to someone else, and deputies remained on the property until their owner came to Hargrove’s house to collect them.

“The couple who owns the (mother) dog just moved in with a family member, and they couldn’t bring the dog to their new house with them when they moved in,” he said. “So they asked her to take the dog.”

Investigators also found several chickens on the property, and made arrangements for someone to get them, Jackson said.

Hargrove told the sheriff’s department she is currently staying with someone else at another residence, he said.

“We heard that she had a monkey in there and it was possibly dead,” Jackson said. “But as it turns out, where she’s staying now, that’s where the monkey is.”

Hargrove has previously faced drug charges in other counties, Jackson said, but he was unable to find anything on her prior record regarding animal cruelty.

“I’d like to try to get the DA to work out something where she can’t have that many animals,” Jackson said. “She had too many animals for the small amount of space, and they obviously weren’t being taken care of.”

(Columbia Daily Herald - January 7, 2015)

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