Friday, March 27, 2015

China: Kittens covered in yellow paint and abandoned at side of road

CHINA -- Two kittens were rescued after being covered from head to toe in yellow paint and abandoned at the side of a road.

Kind-hearted Yue You Meng, 27, said she heard the kittens calling when she was walking near her home in the city of Guangzhou in southern China's Guangdong province.

She said, "I realized the sound was coming from a cardboard box and when I opened it up I saw the two kittens inside covered in sticky yellow paint.

"It had almost dried and their legs were stuck together, they were stuck together, and even their eyes had been closed by the paint. 

"They were in pitiful state so I picked up the box and took them home where I tried to clean off some of the paint."

But the task proved impossible so the next day she took the kittens to an animal shelter where a vet worked painstakingly for several hours to slowly remove the dry paint.


She said, "They are better now and can walk around and don't seem to have suffered any permanent damage to their eyes or ears but they still look really poorly because they had so much fur cut off."

China has NO ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS so police are not investigating the incident and it's unclear whether the kittens were accidentally covered in paint and abandoned or deliberately targeted before being dumped to die.

(Mirror UK - March 26, 2015)

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