Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Taped up boxes containing 17 kittens and seven cats found dumped on roadside

UNITED KINGDOM -- Seventeen kittens and seven cats have been found after they were shamelessly abandoned and dumped by a roadside in two taped-up boxes.

Five of the youngest were dead and another kitten and adult cat have died since they were found - they appear to have been purposefully trapped in the cardboard box.

The youngest kittens were only several days old and the oldest are between five to six weeks. Two of these were pregnant when they were callously thrown away.


They were all taken into the care of the St Neots and District Cats Protection in Cambridgeshire.

Since arriving, one female has given birth to three more kittens and another female is heavily pregnant with kittens due imminently.

The helpless animals were seen being dumped by a driver on the side of the road in Sandy, Bedfordshire .

Cats Protection volunteer Anna Partin said: 'It is a big shock to see so many cats abandoned like this.
'Luckily we work closely with other branches so we are able to care for them all until we can re-home them.

'We would obviously like to find the owner, because dumping animals is illegal and we would like to find the person responsible.


'Cats do breed at a prolific rate so it can be easy to find yourself in this situation. We are urging people to go to a charity instead of abandoning them if they cannot cope.

'This also shows the importance of getting your cats neutered.'

The kittens and cats will be available for re-homing in a few weeks.

(Daily Mail - April 24, 2015)

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