Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Oklahoma: Kevin Lantz moved out and abandoned his six pets inside a home full of feces, trash and no air conditioning, say police

OKLAHOMA -- A man is out on bond after police say he left five dogs and a cat locked inside a home with no food, water, or air conditioning.

All the animals are said to be neglected, but fortunately for the animals, they appear to have no immediate medical problems.

"While there, I could see a gray Weimaraner dog roaming the residence. A cat was locked in a SE bedroom.  There was a lot of feces and miscellaneous junk scattered throughout the main living area," Animal Control Officer Peggy Larson said in an incident report. 

Sergeant Lanier found a window unlocked and opened it. Larson took custody of the cat and the dog, who was reported as skinny, dehydrated and covered in ticks. 

Two more dogs were recovered inside the residence. The first was a black and white Chihuahua, who was reported as extremely thin and covered in ticks. The second was was a small brown dog, also very thin.

Pictures show what an animal control officer found earlier this week.


“Once inside, they found two dogs locked in the bathroom, two dogs locked in the garage, one dog roaming free and one cat,” Scott said.

A police report says there was feces, trash, and junk in every room of the house.

“There were water containers and food containers, but no actual water or food for the animals,” Scott said.


One officer said some rooms had up to 4 inches of trash and feces piled up.

“If you don’t know what to do with the animal, call some rescues and shelter, find something proper to do with them,” Scott says.

A neighbor said a man, Kevin Lantz, had been feeding the dogs, but he had not seen Lantz in several weeks. The neighbor said he believed Lantz worked at Taco Mayo. 

When Sergeant Lanier made contact with Lantz by phone, Lantz said he used to live at the residence but had moved to an apartment where he was unable to take his dogs. 

Lantz said the utilities had been shut off about six months ago. Lantz said he had been throwing food on the floor and water inside pots for the dogs. He admitted to locking dogs in the bathroom and in the garage. 

According to the incident report, he also stated, "I know the dogs should've been taken out, but I was caught up with work." 

The animals are now at the Tuttle Animal Shelter, but appear to be free of medical problems.

“They’re helpless, they’re locked in a house, they can’t get out, they can’t turn on a faucet, they can’t order a pizza… like an infant, they can’t provide for themselves,” Scott says.


Now they’re left to wait, hoping to find their forever home.

Lantz is out on bond tonight. He’s charged with animal cruelty.

(KFOR - June 9, 2015)

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