Sunday, January 31, 2016

Australia: Judge rejects Adele Culverwell's appeal after she was convicted of leaving her dog in hot car

AUSTRALIA -- A Perth woman who left her dog locked in the car on a 100 F (38C) day had her appeal against an animal cruelty conviction denied.

Adele Culverwell, 67, was convicted of the offence in 2014 after she locked her three-year-old Borzoi dog Roxy in a van at the Carousel Shopping Centre.

Members of the public notified the RSPCA, who found Roxy suffering symptoms of heatstroke and dehydration after a ranger removed her from the car.

Culverwell, a dog breeder, was fined $5000 along with $30,000 in legal fee costs, with Roxy removed from her care and rehomed.

The 67-year-old applied to the Supreme Court to appeal the animal cruelty charges, but that appeal was dismissed this week.

“It was obvious that Roxy was at risk of harm by being left for some time in a vehicle on a very hot day…and the dog was distressed for some time on the evidence of the witnesses who observed her at the Carousel Shopping Centre,” Justice Michael Corboy said.

Justice Corboy found the RSPCA prosecution was “sound” and the original ruling “fair”, despite Culverwell claiming she was made a “scapegoat” by the conviction.

RSPCA WA spokesperson Amanda Swift said the case was a reminder for all pet owners not to leave animals in hot cars.

(Coast Live AU - Jan 27, 2016)

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