Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ohio: Tameka Smith pleaded not guilty to leaving her dog to die; trial set

OHIO -- The animal cruelty case against a Campbell woman will go to trial.

Tameka Smith, 23, is charged with moving from a home on Reed Avenue and allegedly abandoning her dog, Charlie, chained outside to starve to death.

The dog died from starvation and exposure to the cold.



Animal rights advocates have demonstrated at every court appearance by Smith. They want harsher penalties for cruelty to animals.


"We would like a felony in some of the animal abuse cases, but we realize that is going to take time for it to happen. But I think this case warrants jail time, someone should pay for that crime," said activist Holly Justice.

The defense attorney representing Smith contends that the dog did not belong to her and that she was not responsible for its care.

A trial date for the case will be set within 60 days.


(WFMJ - Jan 30, 2016)


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