Thursday, June 30, 2016

Illinois: Kevin Vallo, 39, charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty

ILLINOIS -- Kevin Vallo was charged with multiple charges (drugs, felon in possession of a gun, 12 counts of animal cruelty). The notes say that he surrendered 5 dogs at the time of his arrest.

DOB: 06/02/1977
Height: 6'
Weight: 175
Date of arrest: 06/30/2016
Arresting agency: Cook County Sheriff
Charges (7):

  • felony gun charge 
  • 5 counts of cruel treatment (510ILCS70.0/3.01)
  • 5 counts of owner duties (510ILCS70.0/3)
  • cannabis

The following details are provided for the convenience of trained Court Advocates, who are authorized to act as Court Advocates through Safe Humane Chicago.

The information contained here is from initial arrest summaries, court proceedings, court advocate reports, and other sources.

AUGUST 2, 2016 (Tuesday)
**COURT: 2600 S California, Rm702 (Judge Ford), 9:30am (usually 10AM)
  --VALLO, Kevin DOB 060277 (16CR0507601/16110681801, HZ164862): 402 conference
    charges(2): 1x felon poss/use firearm prior (720ILCS5/24/1.1(a))
                2x mfg/del cannabis 30-500g (720ILCS5550/5(d))
    arrest: Beat xxxx, 59xx S Sangamon, 10Mar16
    arresting officer: CPD ACT
    animals(5): 5 dogs (A144165,-166,-167,-168,-169) relinquished 10Mar16
                       impounded 25Feb16 (def not present at time; relinquished at arrest) 
    history: 11Mar16 100k D-bond, 31Mar transferred to criminal div, 04Apr, 12Apr, 11May,
             28Jun, 27Jul
    note: ACT SW
    note: under 16110681801 12 charges including 5x owner duties and 5x cruel treatment (of animals)