Thursday, June 30, 2016

Virginia: Valorie Bachar, facing heroin possession charges, also has vicious pit bulls. Imagine that!

VIRGINIA -- A Fredericksburg woman was convicted Tuesday of a charge stemming from a dog attack in May.

The nuisance animal conviction, in General District Court, isn’t the only run-in Valorie Katherine Bachar has had with the law. Bachar, 32, already has been convicted of owning a “dangerous dog” and faces a felony drug charge as well, according to Fredericksburg court records.

On Tuesday, Bachar was fined $100 (she also had to pay $94 in court costs) for the May 17 attack in the 1100 block of Kenmore Avenue, where Bachar lives with her father, who had his charge in the attack dropped.

Along with the fine, Bachar has to remove the dog from the city within 30 days. [NIMBY]

A woman who lives in the area was walking her small terrier when a pit bull at the house where Bachar lives got out of a garage and attacked the woman and her dog.

The woman suffered a head injury when the pit bull knocked her over. The woman’s dog survived, but had to get stitches.

One of Bachar’s pit bulls had already been declared a dangerous dog for an attack on another woman and her dog in December.

In that attack case, the woman was walking her golden retriever along Kenmore Avenue when two pit bulls pushed open the glass front door of Bachar’s home and attacked, according to Fredericksburg Circuit Court records. One of the pit bulls bit the retriever on the neck and bit the woman when she intervened.

After an April hearing in circuit court, that dog, a “brindle” pit bull named Buddy, was declared to be dangerous. The finding requires Bachar to register the dog in Virginia’s Dangerous Dog Registry, put a dangerous dog tag on the dog’s collar; post warning signs on the property; get $100,000 liability insurance; and keep the dog on a leash and muzzled when out of the house.

No Fredericksburg dogs were listed in the registry as of Tuesday.

Bachar also faces possession of heroin and paraphernalia charges in an unrelated case, for which she is scheduled for a July 13 trial in circuit court.

(The Daily Progress - June 29, 2016)

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