Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Texas: Woman's dog attacked by pit bull; pit bull beaten with baseball bat and shovel to rescue her dog

TEXAS -- Today Kleo got attacked by a pit bull! 🐶 Thank goodness that it wasn't a kid because Randy had just got home from school. Kloe is badly hurt her wounds are really deep and I think she has a broken leg...
If people are going to get pets they need to understand that there comes responsibilities as taking care of an animal. Yeah I know it happens to everybody that your dogs get away sometimes but even though they are tied up in a kennel you as a pet owner knows that your dog is aggressive so keep an eye on them. 👀 I know I do 🐕


And I know I'm not one to judge or say anything because Kleo it is overprotective and a little bit aggressive but if your going to have a pit bull as a pet some of you guys should at least pay a little extra money to train the dog! 🐶

Alexandra Martinez: The pit bull was being really aggressive it was like in kill mode or something... It was throwing Kleo around like a chew toy

Alexandra Martinez: Yeah it felt like forever and that it wasn't going to end... the pit bull didn't want to let go of her

Alexandra Martinez: I didn't know what to do Paul was hitting it with a bat and broke the bat on it... And the neighborhood hit it with a shovel on the face and then he finally let her go and then grabbed her again and started throwing her around