Friday, September 9, 2016

Maine: Owner of pit bulls she knew were aggressive, broke through TWO fences to attack and kill Boston Terrier puppy

MAINE -- One of the owners of two dogs police say attacked and killed a Boston Terrier yesterday is apologizing for what happened.

The attack happened outside of Danielle Jones' Winslow home just before 1 in the afternoon.

Brandon Ross is the co-owner of the pit bulls.

Danielle Jones (via Facebook)

Danielle Jones says she was in her backyard with her Staffordshire Pit Bull Terriers; one, she says, has a history of being easily agitated.

"I got this dog as a puppy, brand new, I’m his only owner," said Jones. "He was mauled by a German Shepherd as a puppy and he was never the same since. I’ve tried getting him training, I’ve tried re-socializing him and then I had a decision to make, and that decision was I was going to give him the best care I could and keep him as safe as possible. That’s why I have double fences, that’s why I have security cameras. I walk him at night by himself with a muzzle."

Jones says despite her dog's aggressive behavior that she couldn't 'fix', she says she decided to give him the best 'care' she could and to 'keep HIM as safe as possible'. Notice she doesn't say she decided to keep this vicious dog and that she decided to keep HER NEIGHBORS AND THEIR PETS as safe as possible from this vicious dog she knowingly decided to keep and maintain. 

What chance did this little Boston Terrier have
against these TWO PIT BULLS running towards
him, intent on ripping him to pieces?

Jones [insists] a neighbor's dog had "jumped on the fence" while they were in the backyard, which riled her dogs up.

Jones' two Staffordshire Pit Bull Terriers broke through the first fence, then crawled under the second. Jones says they attacked the first dog they saw on the other side - a Boston Terrier being walked by Shannon Carey.

"Mrs. Kerry had injuries to her hands, her legs, her lower back, from trying to break up the attack," said Lt. Josh Veilleux of the Winslow Police Department.

Lt. Veilleux said the initial call came in for Pit Bulls attacking a woman on the ground, "The whole way there you’re hoping it’s not what it is. Being a dog lover, I was worried when I got there I may have to shoot one of the dogs or dispatch a dog that’s attacking a woman."

Why should you be "worried" that you would have to shoot a vicious dog attacking someone or someone's pet? Especially since laws are so lax that usually the vicious dog goes right back to its owner?? Boo, Lt. Veilleux, you've earned yourself a "bad cop" label for this article.

Jones released her surveillance video to Winslow police. Lt. Veilleux said it was difficult to watch, adding, "There was so much blood."

Jones and Brandon Ross have been summonsed for "keeping a dangerous dog," a civil offense. Their two dogs are in a 10-day quarantine while a decision is made about what to do with them.

Carey didn't want to speak with us on Wednesday.

Jones says she's sorry for what happened, "I’m willing to accept anything that has to happen, and just whatever happens it’s not going to bring back her dog, and that’s what I feel for the most. I’d never want anyone to lose a dog."

Instead of "accepting whatever happens" DO THE RIGHT THING AND HAVE THE DOGS EUTHANIZED.

On 8/31/16 Winslow Animal Control Officer Chris Martinez issued “Keeping a dangerous dog” summons to Danielle Jones and Brandon Ross, both co owners of the two dogs. The arraignment date is September 20, 2016 at the Waterville District Court.

Incident Date: 08/30/2016
Incident Time: 12:44pm
Incident Type: Dog attack
Location: 12 Lucille Ave
Incident Details:
The Winslow Police Department is investigating an attack by two pit bulls that left another dog dead.

The incident occurred at 12 Lucille Avenue, as a female was walking her Boston terrier through the neighborhood. As the woman was walking her dog, two pit bulls escaped from a fenced in backyard and began attacking the small dog.

The woman whose dog was being attacked tried frantically to save her dog from the pit bulls. She suffered multiple injuries to her hands, legs and back that required her to be transported to Inland Hospital. Several people witnessed the attack, with one neighbor trying to help fend off the attacking dogs (by beating the pit bulls with a stick).

The owner of the pit bulls heard the screaming and ran from her house to retrieve her dogs. She was identified as Danielle Jones.

The Boston terrier was taking to the Garland Road Small Animal hospital where it succumbed to injuries [from being crushed and torn apart by Danielle Jones and Brandon Ross' vicious pit bulls].

Both pit bulls were taking into custody by Winslow Animal Control Officer and have been quarantined at the Waterville Humane society.

At this time this is an ongoing investigation

Lieutenant Josh Veilleux

(WCSH - Sept 1, 2016)