Sunday, October 30, 2016

Iowa: Charlie Albright, 41, is accused of kidnapping girlfriend, ordering his dog to bite her

IOWA -- A North Iowa man has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and injuring a woman.

41-year-old Charles Raymond Albright of Meservey is charged with 1st degree kidnapping and willful injury. He is currently being held without bail.

On October 7, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call from a 36-year-old woman at the Dollar General Store in Sheffield. She accused Albright of holding her captive in Merservey for 12 to 14 hours, then transporting her to Sheffield.

The woman said Albright hit, punched and stomped her repeatedly, cut her with a knife, allowed his dog to repeatedly bite her and also used a Taser on her.

An officer who spoke with the alleged victim says she had severe swelling to her face and eyes and severe bruising on her arms, legs and neck. Court records say she also suffered Taser burns, broken bones in her face and sinuses and an eye injury that caused protracted vision loss.


Authorities could not locate Albright on October 7 but their investigation led to his arrest on October 18 in rural Rockwell. He had an initial appearance in Franklin County District Court on Thursday.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Franklin, Cerro Gordo and Hancock County Sheriff’s offices, police departments in Sheffield, Mason City and Clear Lake, the Iowa State Patrol, the Iowa Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center, Franklin and Cerro Gordo County attorney’s offices and the Iowa Attorney General’s Office Area Prosecution Division all cooperated in this investigation.

If this is not the same Charles Albright, let me know. This
Charlie Albright lives in the same rural town in Iowa.

(KIMT - Oct 20, 2016)

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