Wednesday, November 23, 2016

California: Woman vents her frustration about police refusing to do anything about neighbor's vicious pit bulls

CALIFORNIA -- Sorry can't support that March for the police. They abuse authority when they are a group, they, care less when there are one, and could ignore u when u ask for help .

Not all are bad but most are. They could care less if u call about a problem with a neighbor with pit Bulls that were about to bite me. I had to scream my guts out because of fear and also so that the neighbor would be able to hear me from inside his house to come out of his house to get his two dogs into the back yard, where there is a fence. He leaves his dogs unattended in the front yard .

My calls I made and reports were ignored. They said to wait until it happened again...wait what? You want to wait until u see blood, after a pit bull attacks me? A dog that is well known to be illegal because they are easily killers.

I had to call a few times until they paid attention to the problem. They asked what I wanted them to do, in an ironic way. I can tell it was kind of funny situation to them, "well" I said "can u talk to the person ? Let the person know that this is not right? " Not really wanting to do anything , they did only because I mentioned that the police program makes calls about them wanting donations and support , like the March they are trying to do , so that we could support them, or the funds they want donated.I don't think I could support them on any march, and I think if they deserved the donations they would not have any trouble, in fact, if I did not have to ask many times for help , without results i , and things were different , i bet i would of been the police's # 1 fan.

I can't empathize how important it is for them to talk to those who are doing something wrong instead of getting brave when they are in a group, and they almost kill ppl. Because they wait until the problem escalates. That is when they feel they can abuse of their authority, when they are in a crowd, instead of using the power of words and good conviction. They could easily prevent many problems if they would have the appropriate training and be humane towards victims, and be problem solvers instead of waiting to see somebody bleed to death because of being bitten by big pitbulls, after that they even kill the dogs, and if the owner reacts , because the dogs were killed , they would probably kill that man too. All because they care less about preventive measures .

Thank God this did not happen yet. Sometimes talking and being humane , when ppl. are going through trouble or problems, would probably solve many problems. I strongly believe that there is a gap in the system, and that if they discriminate because one is Hispanic or not rich or famous, etc. , than, there seems to be no hope neither will there be change. They have proven ineffective at different occasions