Friday, November 25, 2016

Canada: Woman blames herself for nearly being attacked by an out of control pit bull, then spends the rest of her time defending them

CANADA -- Whoa whoa whoa. I just came incredibly close to being attacked by a huge pit bull in my buildings parking lot. The owner could barely control him. I walked to close to the owner , and having owned a pitbull myself, I know thats a big mistake. Shit that was a close call!!

Kevin Schlosser - I've lived with a pit bull. It was a great dog around people . We always put a muzzle on it anyway when .. we went out in public . This guy should have a muzzle on the dog . Glad your ok

Wendy Babstock KEVIN!! Dontcha remember my Bo? If id seen the pitbull? I never woulda snuck up on them. I didn't see them. And they didn't see me. No harm done. Love you!! :-)

Robert J. Tomastik Careful, now...  :-/

Chris Green Glad you're ok.

Charles James - I HATE PITT BULLS ! I Don't care what anyone says, they are not safe.

Wendy Babstock - I highly suggest you remove yourself from my page

Wendy Babstock - Hate

Wendy Babstock - That word is unacceptable

Wendy Babstock - Have a nice life

Charles James - Well bye !

Wendy Babstock - You hate pittbulls cause you never had one

Rick King - The owner might not have it very long if you were physically attacked. Not in Ontario anyway. Glad it was just a close call scare.

Wendy Babstock - I'm in Quebec at my kids place. Where pitbulls are legal. The encounter was an unfortunate accident. It was dark and this dog and I suprised each other. Nothing more. Nothing less

Rick King - Wendy Babstock Okay. Still...close call. 😔

Wendy Babstock - Bo taught me alot about his breed.

Rick King - Wendy Babstock Good teacher. Good student.

Dale Brinklow - I've come close to being attacked by a pit bull about 10 years ago and that was very scary