Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Florida: Man comes home to find his beloved Boston Terrier was mauled to death - inside its own fenced yard - by neighbor's pit bull

FLORIDA -- So we come home tonight to cops in our yard and a bloody massacre on the back patio.

The neighbors behind us have a pit bull who always sounds like he's going to eat us through the chain link and privacy fences that separate our yards.

Tonight he got out of his fence and came into our fenced in yard and killed our Boston Terrier, Willie on our back patio.

Willie was 6 years old this week and we've had him since he was a baby. He was the smartest dog we've ever known and was like family.

This is the 3rd dog I've owned that has been killed by a pit bull and there is NO DOUBT in my mind that if the kids would have been in the yard he would have attacked them also.

I don't care who this pisses off but if you own a pit bull or say they aren't aggressive then you are crazy. They can be fine one minute then go for your throat the next. They are totally unpredictable. 

The dog has been taken away and quarantined but I promise you if he is brought back ya'll are going to see me on the front page of the newspaper because I'm going to SHOW OUT. It's total BS to have a dog that aggressive and I fear for my kids safety now that he has tasted blood in my back yard. Coy helped bury him and made him a cross for a head stone.

Mallory is still super upset and the more upset she gets, the more I'm having to talk myself down from stomping over to the killers house and making them cry like she is. If I go to jail, please everyone throw in a couple of dollars so Lamar can bail me out. Every dog has their day and I know a pit bull who's days are numbered ??????

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