Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Florida: Police officers rescue neglected kitten

FLORIDA -- The kitten that was saved after being tied up is doing well. His named Sig, after our duty gun. After a couple trips to the vet he has a clean bill of health!


He has a cat sister and brother and a dog brother, along with three humans. He eats all day and likes to run around like a mad man at 2am every morning, which he thinks his family loves.


The pictures show how happy he is with his new life.

On 10/20/2016 Deputy Peckham and Deputy Cantagallo responded to a trespassing call. Upon arrival they heard a kitten crying and noticed a small 8 week old kitten tied up.

After contact with the two subjects they advised they could not pay for the kitten and kept it tied up so it wouldn’t run away. The kitten was bloated, had fleas, smelled of urine and had visible marks from being tied.

Deputy Peckham took the kitten to Gulfview Animal Hospital. Doctor St. John and his staff were welcoming they cleaned up the kitten, giving all needed medical treatment and the kitten went home with a PSO member.

The staff there showed that no matter how big or small (or what species) his team will come together and help the community.

(Pasco Sheriff's Office - November 28, 2016)

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