Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kentucky: Trial set for pit bull attack case against owners Chris Bouland and Tina Dykes

KENTUCKY -- Graves District Judge Deborah Hawkins Crooks issued rulings earlier this week releasing two pit bulls that allegedly attacked a Farmington man back into their owners' custody while also setting a date for the owners to stand trial.


In connection to a July incident in which police say a man was severely injured by two pit bulls, Christopher Bouland and Tina Dykes (some articles say this is his mother, another said she is his aunt), have pleaded not guilty to charges of harboring a vicious animal. Their attorney, Stephanie Powell, requested for Crooks to set a date for both defendants to be tried together.

Crooks set the trial for February 10, 2017.


"My dogs aren't vicious," says Bouland. "I have a 3-year-old niece that's my world and they lay with her all the time."

"They don't mean any harm," says Bouland. "I've taught my animals one thing: That if somebody pulls a firearm, they will take it from you."

Since the incident in July, the dogs had been held at the Mayfield Graves County Animal Shelter.

Crooks granted Powell's request to release the dogs on several conditions including that they be leashed and muzzled if outside, that they be otherwise kept indoors, that they be kept outside of Graves County (NIMBY) and that the owners comply with any animal-related ordinances in its new home county.

Bad idea giving these vicious dogs back to him. What happens when the courts order that the dogs be euthanized? He's got them in another county - another jurisdiction. What if he suddenly says "they ran away, I don't know where they're at"? What if he says they died and he dumped their bodies at the county dump, where it cannot be proven that they're dead? Meanwhile, he's hidden them somewhere.

His name is actually Christopher Lee Bouland

Powell said Bouland had moved out of the county since the charges were initially filed.

According to Kentucky State Police, Post 1 received a report on July 2nd of a male who had been attacked by two dogs on Dove Road in the Farmington community.


Police say Slayden had ridden his bike onto the property, thinking his friend still lived at the residence. Bouland and Dykes' two pit bulls chased Slayden off the property and then dragged him off his bicycle and attacked him on the roadway. He was found lying in a ditch by the side of the road.

Mitchell Slayden was so severely injured he had to be airlifted to Tri-Star Medical Center all the way in Nashville, Tennessee. He initially remained in CRITICAL CONDITION; the dogs ripped part of the flesh right off of Mitchell's head, and his body was covered in dog bites.

(Paducah Sun - Nov 25, 2016)


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