Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Michigan: Convicted felon Thomas Distasio pleads guilty to beating and stomping on his puppy so badly she died

MICHIGAN -- A Cheboygan man arrested for killing his dog has pleaded guilty for the crime.

Thomas Distasio was arrested earlier this month for beating his four to five month old Beagle puppy named Maggie so badly she died.

Distasio pleaded guilty to one count of animal abuse and killing.

He will be charged as third habitual offender for having previous felonies on his record.

Police say Distasio was upset the puppy got in the trash.

He threw her across the room into a large freezer and stomped on her.

The Beagle, named Maggie, was rushed to the North Straits Animal Clinic for treatment.

"She was completely non-responsive," said Doctor Valerie Chadwick. "She was struggling to breathe and she had severe congestion in her airways and throughout her chest cavity. There was certainly head trauma based on the physical exam findings. Very quickly thereafter coming in she went into respiratory arrest."

However, Maggie's wounds were too severe and she soon died.

A sentencing date has not been set.

(9and10News - Nov 30, 2016)