Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nevada: Trisha Meyer, 34, found with numerous tigers and monkeys

NEVADA -- Sheriff's Office issues press release regarding arrest of Trisha Meyer

Trisha Meyer, Age 34, Address Pahrump Nevada 89048

Arrested on Burglary/Theft Warrant, Harris County Texas

On Nov 3 2016, a female identifying herself as Trisha Meyer called the Nye County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center requesting animal control contact her to provide information on obtaining a permit to possess tigers within Nye County's jurisdiction.

On Saturday, November 5 at approximately 1700 hrs. Las Vegas Animal Control advised Nye County Animal Control that Trisha Meyer was believed to be en-route to Pahrump Nevada with a U-Haul trailer possibly containing the illegal animals including three tigers.

It was also brought to the attention of Nye County Deputies that Trisha Meyer had a felony arrest warrant out of Harris County Texas.

At approximately 1700 hrs, Animal control officer met with Miss Myers in Pahrump and confirmed, at that time, she did not have any animals on the property.

Meyer was advised of the process for obtaining a "special conditions animal permit". Meyer states her animals were still currently in Texas. She was advised it would be illegal for them to be in Nye county prior to being permitted.

On Nov 7 2016, a citizen reported to the sheriff’s office that there were 3 tigers in the back yard of 1331 Manse Road.

On November 7, 2016 at approximately 1600 hrs. the Felony Warrant out of Harris County was confirmed by Nye County Sheriff’s Office Deputies.

Upon arriving at the 1331 Manse Road address to serve the Felony Warrant it was discovered by Nye County Animal Control and Nye County Deputies that there were three Tigers loose in the backyard of the property contained only buy a 4 foot field fence with a 17 year old juvenile in the back yard supervising the Tigers while they were feeding on raw chicken.


There were eight monkeys inside the residence none of which are regulated in Nye County requiring special permits.

When asked if those were the only animals on the property the property owner said yes.

Trisha Myers was arrested on the warrant and the three Tigers were taken into protective custody subject to the owners arrest and being a regulated species requiring proper permits in Nye County.

At no time was anyone attacked by the tigers and Nye County Sheriff's Office is not aware of any instance where the tigers were aggressive towards anyone.

The investigation relating to charges in Nye County is still being conducted and any charges will be done through the Nye County District Attorney’s Office when the investigation is completed.

Myers will be extradited to Harris County Texas following the traditional procedure.

(Nye County Sheriff's Office - Nov 14, 2016)

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