Monday, November 21, 2016

Ohio: Family that breeds and sells pit bulls is absolutely shocked when the male named Bear suddenly "snaps" and tries to kill them; GoFundMe set up to for them

OHIO -- A GoFundMe link is making its way around Facebook. The photo of this little girl's leg is horrific. Grandma set up the GoFundMe and says the male pit bull named Bear just "snapped" and tried to kill them one night. 

When you go to the mother's Facebook page you see that she bred her pit bulls and recently sold them off for $300 - $350 apiece (there were 10 puppies total). Well, she doesn't say she's selling them; she calls it "rehoming". 


My advice for them is to get rid of the pit bulls and get some King Charles Spaniels. Unless they chewed on your leg for 8 hours straight, they could never do the damage to a child's leg like their beloved pit bull did. 

That being said, they look like a nice family. Anyone who's read about pit bull attack victims - months later - still suffering pain and enduring additional surgeries knows this won't be a quick mend - physically or mentally on their part. Here is the link to donate to their GoFundMe page: 

"Emilys medical and financial needs"

So my granddaughter Emily Back and her mommy Brooke Back were in the bath and as they were getting out and drying off out of no nowhere comes their dog Bear with full rage and attacked my granddaughter and was absolutely ready to take her down and mauls her up and just so horrible all you could see was the meat hanging off

My little 12 year old granddaughter and so her mommy my daughter went over to pull Bear off her child and as she was pulling the dogs mouth open he turned and attacked my daughters arm and took alot of her arm with him.


I have posted some pictures of before the attack of my daughter and granddaughter and some of the wounds on facebook to show the horrific wounds mostly done to my granddaughter Emily that left her in the hospital for four days and is now in a wheelchair and a walker and has been out of school now for four weeks as of now and don't see her going anytime soon,her mommy Brooke was attacked on her right arm and can not even bathe or cook or barely take care of her family, and they have many medical bills and medical needs and needs to have monies to help them get some help to take care of them.

I was there for as long as I could stay to help but had to come back to Louisiana and the are in Ohio, so now she must pay to have the help she needs and Brooke does not have a job, she can not work and there are many ways she needs funds to get the things she has to have.

Emily needs so much care and her little sister Priscilla is only 10 and they have been emotionally and mentally scared for life due to this horrific attack. so please lets get her some funds so that she can get the help she and the whole family needs to get through these tough times and we thank you in advance.


the pictures are on my facebook page Denise Anzalone if you see them you will understand why they need the help. so on the behalf of my daughter Brooke Back ,and my granddaughters Emily and Priscilla back we thank you and may God Bless You all

"Priscilla helping feed the puppies"

Denise Anzalone - Just like a little mama..she is so good with animals. I bet she will grow up to b a vet. She has 2 b if dogs,now 10 puppies and a rabbit and mothers them all. She has such a huge heartπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Priscilla Back u r a very special good hearted young lady, u he l p ur mama take care of all tha pups πŸ˜‚
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Dallas South - That's cute!
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Brooke Back - They both fed them
I was Only able to get Priscilla I've been feeding them and helping them to feed off Bella they are just like babies

Brooke Back - Two of them follow me around or if I'm sitting they come crawl to me it's sooooo cute and Bella is a good mommy to them VERY protective but she lets us help her feed
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Denise Anzalone - Princess Emily u gonna b a good big sister to ur new pups..u look adorable feeding them tell them I love them.

Brooke Back - They are full blooded We're rehoming them for 300 OBO


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  1. If it had been someone else's child, these pit shits would be out there condescendingly explaining why it was the victims' own fault -- in other words, why the victims deserved the mauling.

    Now that's it's them, they feel entitled to have everyone else pay their bills. I guess the proceeds of all those baby maneaters these pit shits sold have already been spent?

    I see their oh-poor-us begging page has raised all of $65 so far. Infinitely more already than these pit shits themselves have ever donated to any pit bull mauling victim. (65 / 0 = infinity)

    And finally, since they're all so big on 'maneaters always culled', I wonder how much effort they're putting into recalling all the maneater puppies so as to cull them.

    These pit bull people are truly unbelievable.