Friday, December 30, 2016

Alabama: Horrifying video shows owner dragging his sick pet dog from his truck and dumping it outside shelter

ALABAMA -- A shocking video shows an owner dragging his puppy along the street and dumping her outside a shelter.

Hope, a one-year-old Rottweiler mix, was found gravely injured by staff at the Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital in Montgomery in Alabama.


The dog was barely clinging onto life. She had more than a hundred puncture wounds and her skin had been torn so badly that her muscle and bone was revealed. 

Staff believes that Hope's injuries were caused from multiple dog fights. It appears her wounds had not been treated for several days, which caused the bone to become infected.

Horrific surveillance footage shows the moment that Hope's owner yanked her out of the bed of the pickup truck, dragged her by the neck across the parking lot and then dumped her outside the shelter.

He stops for a moment to remove her collar, to prevent anyone from finding out who he is, and then drives off and leaves her there to die.


Video shows that Hope was so injured she just lay where she was dropped for three hours until she was discovered by staff last month.

She was given just a ten per cent chance of survival.

The pup underwent nearly $10,000 worth of surgery, blood and plasma transfusions and antibiotics.

Hope spent five weeks in the animal hospital's ICU but has now recovered enough to be sent to a foster home.

'Hope's condition was extraordinary, but it is something we see and hear about almost on a daily basis,' Bullock County Humane Society Shelter Director Jennifer Gallagher said. 'Dogs are found dead on the side of dirt roads or dumped in the river. Hope just happened to be dropped off with us.'

'Twenty-four hours after she was brought in, we saw a glimmer of life,' Loch said. 'She was drinking water from a syringe and then two days later she was licking. She has come so far that you would really not know that this dog who is running and playing and eating dog case was at that state five weeks ago. Today we proved love conquers all.'

(Daily Mail - Dec 29, 2016)

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