Saturday, December 10, 2016

Arizona: Animals need to be rescued from the rescuer. This time it's Hillarie Allison, who was hoarding animals in squalor at her rescue she calls Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation animal sanctuary

ARIZONA -- The fate of roughly 180 dogs and cats hangs in the balance after Mohave County authorities closed shop on the Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation animal sanctuary Thursday afternoon.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control officers, deputies and county building inspectors converged on the Laguna Road property at approximately 2 p.m.

Sanctuary volunteers who had alerted the Miner were on the scene watching over the outside animals, but there were still animals inside shelter owner Hillarie Allison’s home.

Building inspectors went inside with caretaker Rob Turner, all in protective masks. They came out minutes later and the inspectors condemned the house, declaring it uninhabitable.

According to Turner, at least 14 dogs and four cats had been living inside with Allison, who was taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center in the early hours of Monday morning for an undisclosed illness. Paramedics alerted county officials to unsanitary conditions after taking her to the hospital.

“Nobody was aware of the situation inside,” Turner said.

The volunteers had described piles of feces and trash. Turner said most of the dogs bolted from the house the minute he opened the front door.

“They wanted out,” he said.

During the course of an hour, Turner and two animal control officers wrangled the two remaining inside dogs and two cats. Other animals from the front yard were loaded into animal control vehicles. As of Thursday night, two cats remained hidden inside the home and animal control had set traps to catch them.

Turner also said power to the property would be shut off despite worries over desert looters. However, since he and volunteers run a daylight only operation, “shutting down power doesn’t affect our ability to help the outside animals.”

There were goats and chicken on the site at one point, but a volunteer (who herself had taken ownership of the six chickens) confirmed the goats had been taken. There is no word on what will happen to the still to be tallied outside dogs and cats.

“Those determinations aren’t mine to make,” Turner said. “But it was good to get the dogs and cats out of the house.”

Mohave County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Trish Carter said she anticipates an official statement Friday.


Dotherightthing commented: When the statement that nobody knew, that is 100% WRONG. Everyone in the County knew. Even the Politicians knew. Hildy Angus for one had been asked by rescues to please look into the horror and she would just say "it's Hildy nothing can be done".

Years ago Rodney Head, then BHC Chief of Police was begged by local rescues to please contact the County and see if he could get them to go out. That fell on deaf ears. Even her own volunteers complained to the County and asked them to come do welfare checks on the animals and were always told the same thing. ..."nothing we can do".

Hillary must know someone high up" the poor animals that were held captive by this unstable hoarder are now paying the ultimate price because authorities, politicians and law enforcement decided to turn their heads and do nothing over the years. Shame on all of them.

(KD Miner - Dec 9, 2016)


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