Tuesday, December 13, 2016

California: Antioch Animal Control Officer Punched in the Face, Bitten by Suspect

CALIFORNIA -- On November 25 an Antioch Animal Control officer was punched in the face twice and bitten by a female who became irate over facility being closed.

The incident began around 2:30 pm, when an unknown adult female brought a dog to Animal Control to drop off despite the fact the facility was closed.

The female suspect became irate and belligerent when she was informed Animal Control was closed for the day and threw the dog over the back fence into the back of Animal Control. An Animal Control Officer and Animal Control Attendant came out to confront the suspect, and the suspect punched the ACO in the face twice.

The ACO was able to use her cell phone to get a picture of the suspect and her car, but the suspect grabbed the cell phone out of her hands. A struggle ensued over the phone and the ACO was ultimately punched in the face again and the ACA was bitten on the arm by the suspect.

The ACO was able to get her phone away from the suspect but was knocked to the ground by the suspect’s vehicle as she fled the scene. At this point, dispatch was notified and officers responded to Animal Control. An extensive area check was completed but the suspect was not immediately located.

Later in the day, an officer was able to locate the suspect, 39 year old Jenita Davis, and arrest her on various charges to include attempted robbery and felony assault.

Davis was later sent to County Jail.

(East County Today - Dec 5, 2016)

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