Thursday, December 15, 2016

California: Man trying to raise $2,000 for his dog's surgery after it was attacked by a pit bull

CALIFORNIA -- I hate asking for money from people but I'm in tough spot right now.

My dog got attacked by a pit bull and I need to raise some money for his surgery. Anything will help. Thanks everyone. Even just sharing this helps out a lot.

GoFundMe link: My Dog Needs Surgry From An Attack
My dog just got attacked by a Pit bull and he need emergency surgery. If anyone can help us out we would greatly appreciate it.

They estimated $2,180-$2,725 for the surgery.

This is short because I am at the vet right now.

Back at the vet. Woke up this morning and found Jackson with blood all over his cone. Hopefully everything is going to be ok.


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