Thursday, December 22, 2016

California: Police officer finally identified as owner of Belgian Malinois that attacked and killed David Fear

CALIFORNIA -- The owner of the dogs involved in a fatal mauling of a Grover Beach resident on Dec. 13, has been identified as Grover Beach Police Department officer Alex Geiger.

Geiger has only worked for the Grover Beach Police Department since September 2016. They say he is a "4-year law enforcement veteran".

According to the website, Alex Geiger was working as a deputy for the Kings County Sheriff's Department in 2012 and 2013. He may have only been part-time in 2012 because he only made $18,000 and no benefits are listed whereas in in 2013 he made $34,000 which included benefits.

Is that where he got the dog?

Where was he employed from 2014-2016?

He's currently on paid administrative leave while the investigation into the canine attack continues.

I'll tell you why they waited so long to release his name. They wanted to give Geiger a chance to remove all of his social media - videos, photos, etc. 

What happens when you go to Alex Geiger's Facebook page? Nothing. He's shut it down. 

Geiger issued the following statement regarding the deadly attack:
"I can’t begin to imagine the pain and sadness that the families of Mr. David Fear and Ms. Betty Long are going through as a result of this tragic incident. I know my words cannot change what happened, but I wish to express my sympathies and prayers to the Fear Family during this difficult time. I am also praying for Ms. Betty Long and her family and I wish her a speedy recovery." -Alex Geiger
The Grover Beach Police Officers Association issued the following:

Over the last few days, the Grover Beach Police Officers Association has been trying to process this tragic and unusual incident that occurred in our community. We are deeply saddened for the families of Ms. Betty Long and the death of Mr. David Fear and our condolences go out to everyone involved.

With our deepest condolences and our everlasting support for our community,
the Grover Beach Police Officers Association

64-year-old David Fear, the man who intervened when a loose dog attacked an 85-year-old woman, died from his injuries three days after the vicious attack. Fear had been in critical condition at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

The aggressor dog, a 2-1/2-year-old Belgian Malinois, was euthanized. The second dog has been quarantined until the investigation is complete.

Now we need to know when he got this dog, where it was trained, what it was trained to do... most cops who get these dogs have them trained like K9s, which means they're dangerous.

(KEYT - Dec 22, 2016)


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