Saturday, December 3, 2016

California: Tourist attacked by pit bull while visiting the Old Mission Santa Ines

CALIFORNIA -- BOLO, black and white pit bull attacked a tourist today at the Mission Santa Inez. ART reported the incident to proper authorities. The victim was taken to SY Cottage ER.

Owner of the loose dog was apprehended.

Please use caution while out, walking your dog, jogging, etc. We have seen the same dog running loose on several occasions. Please obey our leash law!


Skip Boyland - I'm pretty sure this is the same dog that attacked my neighbors dogs while she was walking them. The Pit Bull was off leach and went after my neighbors poodle that was on leash.

Helen Wilson - Is the dog still on the loose?

Shawneyn McCaa Moore - That's sad

Sharon Currie - Any off leash dog is a potential menace. Pits especially. How dumb can a dog owner get?