Friday, December 23, 2016

Colorado: Woman gets bitten yanking her Pomeranian named Bandit from the jaws of a pit bull

COLORADO -- Stephanie Dazzle Brazzell was feeling concerned at Animal Emergency Care Centers. December 23, 2016 · Colorado Springs, CO ·

My sweet Bandit was just attacked by a pit bull on our porch!

Dude was just holding his dog in the air and Bandit was hanging from its mouth. I tried to hit the dog 3 or four times but only managed to punch the dude.

 I reached around dudes head and into the dogs mouth , grabbed its tongue and yanked it out of its mouth and as it bit me, it bit its tongue and it let go of Bandit and Scott grabbed him.

I have about 6 puncture wounds on my hands and scratches all up my arm. My Pomeranian is a BEAST! He has a large gash behind his right shoulder and they gave lil man some gooooood doggy drugs and now he's snuggled in bed with mom. - Also said some of his teeth were knocked out. 

They quarantined the pit cause it had no papers and I am on watch for ten days for rabies, other shit and infections. It's owner, who Scott said looked terrified I was going to kill him and the dog. said he was putting it down. I hate seeing a dog due because of ignorant owners but they have a baby and I would kill him AND the dog if it got to the kid.

$1200 3 days before Christmas and they did nothing. I patched him up myself and will nurse him as long as it takes. At least they got him trashed to calm him from post traumatic stressed dog syndrome. And my neighbor better lay really low because I told the cop we would handle this the Memphis way. Scott said he'll go play video games with Riley while I beat the he'll out of everyone. Then he just go pay the tickets. Just like we always do.

Dude knocked on the door and Scott said, I ADVISE YOU TO MOVE BECAUSE SHE IS NOT GONNA FORGET THIS and slammed the door. A sad state of affairs.

Maybe he was trying to bring some cash over to pay your vet bills...