Friday, December 9, 2016

Florida: Christina Speicher has been charged after her two pit bulls - already declared dangerous by the city - jumped 2 fences, went through neighbor's doggie door and mauled their beloved dogs to death

FLORIDA -- The owner of two dogs that got into a neighbor's Volusia County home through a doggie door and killed the neighbor's two dogs is being charged in the attack.

Holly Hill Police said Monday that Christina Andrea Speicher, 26, has been charged with attack by a known dangerous dog, a first-degree misdemeanor.

Speicher was responsible for confining her dogs to her home or to immediately notify Animal Control if the dogs escaped confinement, which she failed to do in this case, police said.

The department had received NUMEROUS complaints in the past about the pit bulls.

Speicher's dogs - which had been declared dangerous after biting a neighbor - escaped their backyard AGAIN last week by jumping two fences, including an 8-foot privacy fence - and entered the fenced-in yard of Marilyn Grimes. They then squeezed through her doggie door, chased, attacked and mauled to death both of her beloved dogs, police said.

Grimes' two dogs -- a Chihuahua named Buck and a border collie named Buck -- were found dead in their home Wednesday afternoon.

Can you imagine coming home and expecting to see your pets and you find vicious pit bulls inside your house, your Border Collie lying dead in the bathtub where he'd been attacked and mauled to death and then you find your little Chihuahua's torn and broken body in the fenced-in backyard?

The City of Holly Hill now has the pit bulls. Speicher signed over custody and euthanasia forms for both animals.


(ABC Action News - Dec 8, 2016)


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  1. Did Christina Speicher face the consequences of ignoring authorities and blatant noncompliance?