Sunday, December 11, 2016

Idaho: Tamilyn Carson tells KPVI they shouldn't say it was a pit bull that mauled a child, requiring more than 1,000 stitches to his face

IDAHO -- ‎Tamilyn Carson‎ posted to KPVI's Facebook page
December 9 at 8:16am ·

I'm watching the news this morning, and I'm a bit irritated. In continuing coverage on the little boy that was attacked, the story makes sure and states the dog was a pit bull.

Why is it not just a dog? Why does it have to be be breed specific? The very next story was "dog attacked by moose". That didn't specify the dog's breed. Dogs can attack-all dogs.

Pit bulls have such a bad reputation, but it's because people either don't train them, or they train them for the wrong things. It is not the breed that is bad-it is the people.

Jaime Brunkan Dial - Because breed is relevant to families that are doing some research on their next family dog. You really think people wouldn't want to know about a beagle mauling someone?

Tamilyn Carson - Yes, but unless it is a pit bull, it is never reported on. If someone is actually researching, the statistics are never going to be accurate because you never hear about the other dog attacks that happen--and they do happen.

Jaime Brunkan Dial - Tamilyn Carson...probably because of the severity of the 'bites'. If you really look beyond your own city, there are other breed attacks. Rotts have killed 2 people this year versus the 25 pits have.

Tamilyn Carson - That is why I am commenting on my local news reporting and not beyond my own city. If they are going to report on all the dog attacks and bites, then they absolutely should report the breed. But they only report pit bulls.

Jaime Brunkan Dial - Maybe the other breeds aren't doing the same amount if damage when they bite....ambulance ride, etc. I just wanted to comment as to why breed is important to mention.

Tamilyn Carson - They are--I work in the system, and I know it has happened with other breeds and not been reported.

Cara Howell - That's like saying because one black man attacked someone, they all will. Each dog is an individual just as each person is. I love all dogs and I know they will all bite, some harder than others. It is the owner's responsibility to train their dog. If you know you have an aggressive dog then do all you can to prevent them from hurting anyone. And let people know your dog is not okay with other dogs and/or people.